Master Secret 6: Operating out of Imagination and Memory

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Master Secret 6: Operating out of imagination and memory

“Imagination is more important than knowledge: Albert Einstein”

Getting comfortable with discomfort since the business of dream chasing operates within the scope of life and not the other way round, it’s important to get our minds around the concept that when we’re aiming high in pursuit of our life purpose, our ability to become almost comfortable with being uncomfortable within the dream chasing process is essential to keeping our dream within sight. How do we get from where we are now to where we want to be and not lose our sanity in the process? The mental strength needed to overcome the doubters, negativity, and naysayers while constantly looking for the sunshine hidden just above the seemingly dominant clouds is an uncomfortable feeling for most of us who choose to chase our dreams. But, it can be done. So many of us have tunnel vision for becoming who we want to be so any external evidence to the contrary is irrelevant. You know your true purpose and your higher calling, no one else does.

So it's your path, it’s your lane and it’s your life stay in your lane. 

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