Master Secret 11: Know Where Your Inspiration Lies for Refueling Your Tank

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Master Secret 11: Know where your inspiration lies for refueling your tank.

'Death may very be the single best invention of life. It clears the old to make way for the new. Right now, the new is you, so what are you going to do with the time you’ve got given?’ Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs once said that his motivation for making the ‘big’ decisions in his life had him going back to knowing his time here on earth like all of ours is limited. We only have a certain amount of time here to make a difference, so whether the decision made was good or bad it made little difference. If it was good, he learned from it, if it was bad, he learned from it. I have to admit that inspiration also lies in the most unlikely of places and similar to Steve Job’s inspiration, my inspiration lies in cemeteries

Spooky right?

May be spooky after a little story.

Two years ago, I was driving to an appointment, and on my way to that appointment, I had a call from my customer telling me he had to delay the appointment time by at least an hour due to a previous meeting running overtime. I was passing a cemetery while on the way and I honestly don’t know why this happened but my car drove itself into this beautifully appointed and cared-for grounds with tombstones of every size, description, and faith lay there waiting for the next visitor, in that case, me. As I pulled the car over and got out, this sense of concern hit me that wasn’t there 5 minutes ago. It was truly strange but seeing all those past lives laying buried beneath the dirt truly shifted something in me something that wanted me to solidify that my life had meaning, purpose, and clarity. I started to question, what if my life purpose wasn’t on track. What if this wasn’t my purpose? If I didn’t have the courage to make the big decisions and move past fear to do what I ultimately love? What if the self-doubt I was suddenly feeling that came out of the blue, was trying to tell me something about my way forward? Suddenly as you could imagine, my ego took control of the entire thought process, and before I knew it, I was bringing in supporting thoughts to validate what was indeed and with hindsight, fearful thinking.

Then the strangest thing happened. As I looked around at all the graves and descriptions ‘beloved father of Loving mother of Born June 11, 1945, Died July 17, 1979’ etc.

I felt a sense of pure guidance and energy come from these seemingly dead gravestones. I cannot explain it in words exactly, but the feeling I had called me and was summed up into one emotional phrase ‘Live your Life’.

The feeling was not one rooted in the tenants of routine or my economic situation or even being of service. It was at this moment when a wave of clarity resonated in me. You see the word ‘You're’ is capitalized for a reason, and I think this was the message I felt in some strange cosmic way that was being communicated. The message resonated with purpose which most of us can’t find a way to do. Let’s dive into your Last 5 questions for knowing where your inspiration lies for refueling your tank.

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