Master Secret 4: Know That Murphy’s Law Visits Everyone

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Master Secret 4: Know that Murphy’s Law visits everyone.

Murphy’s Law states that if anything can go wrong with any given situation, it will.

However, if we live I this mindset every day, we’ll not only be hesitant to begin any new endeavor, but we’ll criticize when others do so as well. When Murphy rings the doorbell, don’t give him an opportunity to stay or he’ll make himself at home, sometimes for years. And if we allow someone like Murphy to integrate with our consciousness, he can stay part of you for years. He’ll form part of our consciousness that shapes our thoughts, dialogue, decisions, and then actions. You can see from this how each of us can very easily create any world for ourselves we want. We must learn to live outside this Law so it doesn’t affect our decision-making process if we hit a learning curve.

Here are 3 areas taken straight from my book that will enable us to live an inspired life on our own terms, not Murphy’s.

  • Stop being obsessed with a security-based mindset. Life is not secure we all die so why keep seeking security in life's insecure don’t know when framework. Do your homework, budgets, and risk analysis but take the leap for the dream. "Oh but Barry, was playing it safe for the kids" The kids can buy 4 Ferrari's or divorce their future partner and lose it all. Don't worry about what you leave for your kids to be more concerned about what you leave in your kids.
  • Embrace a media diet. We cannot live a positive dream enriched life when we're being bombarded 24/7 with various types of fear, negative programing re-enforcements from media networks who have forgotten we need encouragement for a bright future. Spreading fear in the name of righteousness has been a tactic used since medieval times, let's dispense with it once and for all. Discern what’s important to you and live there.
  • Consider to keep or cull the top 5 people in your life immediately. Get closer to those who can re-assure and positively influence you to reach for your dream. Mentors are great at this, look for someone who is living the life you want to live and deeply listen to how they did it. More than anything you'll hear about the struggle. Embrace this struggle. Let’s look at a few ways we can embrace a positive mindset when Murphy’s Law comes knocking.

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