Master Secret 2: Uncovering Where Your Motive Lies - Your Why

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Master secret 2:  Uncovering where your motive lies your why

Why do we what we do? The purpose behind “Why” has been at the forefront of nearly every creative and evolutionary human endeavor since the beginning of human existence. Why enables us to question the status quo and further push existing boundaries. The mystery of why has also been at the forefront of our greatest revelations through love and business and naturally beseeches interest, curiosity, and further investigation.

Secret bonus: Finding your motive is very similar to finding your inspiration. It’s an extraordinary place known only to you. I clearly do not know what inspires you, but I can tell that for me when I found it, I was able to conquer the mountains. Obstacles and challenges are no longer something that gets you down, and the word “difficult” isn’t something that you avoid thinking about you embrace it because that’s where your future growth lies. Remember this is all about you, focusing on your successful strengths rather than trying to bolster or eliminate your weaknesses.

Earl Nightingale once spoke a quote that resonated with me so much and is very relevant to this master secret. This statement had to resonate with me for a period of time until it finally sunk in and when it did, woe. That was this “most people believe you’re successful when you earn a lot of money when the exact opposite is true; you can only earn a lot of money when you’re successful" so abundance manifests after/during success, not before.

Being patient and steadfast before you’re a success is a major key.

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