Become a Professional Coach

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Matrix's BPC or Become a Professional Coach training program is a 125-hour advanced certification program targeted at supporting coaching aspirants to gain industry-standard training with comprehensive learning about the updated ICF Core competencies and Psychological Theories and Models that play a significant role in the coaching practices in the present time.
The training program is divided into two sections as described above and streamlines a better understanding of human behavior and the removal of internal barriers in coaches. With a comprehensive understanding of the competencies and psychological models, aspiring coaches further hone the capability to be able to handle different scenarios involving individual, business, or corporate coaching. Every chapter is succeeded by a deeply reflective space of the ICF Core competencies in a question-and-answer model to allow coaches to get a real-time assessment of their understanding of each module in the curriculum. Following the completion of the course, candidates can further apply for the PCC ACTP route with ICF.

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