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How to Design Your First Mobile App How to design your first mobile app
4 minutes
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In this video, we'll take a look on what is a user persona? And why is it so important in user experience design? I've already prepared the user persona for this video. So we're just going to discuss it. Now, what the hell is a user persona? Think of it as a fiction representation of your ideal customer.

In the marketing world, there's a term called target. And that is a group of people that share same characteristics, behavior, habits, age, range, and income that can be targeted as potential customers for your business. In the user experience world, the user persona is something similar to that. When building a product, you should always research and define who is going to be your user. Things like habits, needs, goals, age, etc. Define your user personas.

By building a template, you have a clear understanding of what your product should look like and feel like. If you want people to use your product, you should build it. So they like it. Remember, you always build for the user, because the user is the one who drives your business. If your user cannot navigate to your app, he will delete it. Period.

As user experience designer, you should follow the user's behavior and build the product in that way. As a general rule of thumb, think of the users as little kids who are easily lost if they don't see an arrow pointing their direction. Now, let's examine our user persona. If you Google user persona templates, you should find something similar to this. The purpose of the template is to personify the group of people that we aim to be the users of our application that will make a job a lot easier. Once we have clear understanding of what we should build, and for who we're building it.

Let's say this, our user research team has provided us with enough data for us to build this template. As you can see, our user is cold Tobias ransom. He's a 24 year old student from Gothenburg, Sweden. He's an outgoing person who likes to party in the weekends and travels to new places when he can. As you can see from our picture, which is downloaded from, Tobias is rarely seen without his phone. He's really active from the social media, but it's also extrovert and outgoing.

Studying this template tells us that although he's tech savvy, buying a ticket for definite 14 Berlin shouldn't be a hassle for Tobias. He's young, energetic, and likes to see real value fast. Just like any other millennial who likes his social media, whether he taps through stories on Instagram tweets, or scrolls the timeline of Facebook. Knowing that we realize that the logon screen should have social media channels included and seem to bias as a person who is active, gets frustrated by slow internet, we should probably exclude logging with email, since it requires multiple steps that conflict with the behavior of our user. typing in emails, passwords, and confirming passwords through email can be frustrating for Tobias because he might be borrowing internet from a cafe to buy tickets for a party. Throughout this videos will refer to the user persona template when we're going to be making decisions In our design, that's it for this video, pause it and examine the user persona template as long as you like.

Thank you for watching, and I will see you in the next video.

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