Fine-tuning graphics after 1st render

4 minutes
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So during the rendering when I played it back, I noticed that when we played through the piece to camera clip that the graphic was playing further than it should be. I've just noticed that here, it's too long. So just going to edit that again, we need to D select all of the tracks that we don't want to affect. I'm just going to zoom in piping equals or plus and just drag that back down to here if we minus out and play now what was happening there was that because I didn't have the effects one track selected. It didn't effect it didn't work. Now the effect is working so that's fine.

We can render out again at this point. And we need to ensure that each of these are selected. I wanted noticed, we used it a mixed frame rate for this video clip for the sequence here. And what that means is that if you mix 30 frames per second with 25 frames per second, and then export to 25 frames per second, all the sound that was recorded 30 frames per second will slow down and you get a very kind of slow effect. If on the other hand, you export the video at 30 frames per second, you will find that everything that was recorded 25 frames per second is playing faster. So you can get the chipmunk effect slightly and the voice sounds slightly higher so it doesn't quite sound right.

So in that case, it's better to Set up your project so that you are just using a certain frame rate, which will require you then to render out your clips that are in a different frame rate to the one that you want to use. So for example, if you're, you've shot a load of stuff on a mobile phone, and it's at 30 frames per second, you'll need to rerender it at 25 frames per second, so that you don't have the problems that seem to be occurring at the moment. So we'll have a look at that shortly. But for the time being, we'll just render out this version and export it, we use the YouTube and this time we're going to go edit test 2018 dash, three dash 16. And we'll call this final week. To select the ignore leading and training black and we'll go again.

Now we have the confirmation say it's done, and we'll open it up. Again, we'll play through and see what we get. Hello. In this video, we look at my work as an editor, exploring my history, the tools I use and the way I work with clients. So morning, everybody and thank you very much for coming to today's meeting and taking this video conference call with me in 2002. I began lecturing media production, but continue to produce my own work including Fiddler's walk and a range of documentaries.

Okay, so in that one The graphics is now working exactly as we wanted to. So we're happy enough we still have the issue with the voiceover. But that's for another video. And Okay, so we've now finally rendered out and we should be happy enough with what we've got.

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