Digital Video Effects (DVE) using photos

7 minutes
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So in this video, we're going to bring in a photograph and just do a quick digital video effect on it zooming in and out and replacing one of the shots that's already in the sequence already. So earlier on, I showed you how to zoom in and out by using the plus and the minus keys, or the equals key. Plus, the other side that we can zoom in out is this area here where we can just latch on to the control here, and zoom in and out on the timeline. So the shank and replace I think I'm going to take coming to the end there. So just about that point there. So I'm gonna add an endpoint.

And we'll play a little bit further and see what we get. What we'll do is we'll get it to replace the whole of that garden shot. So we'll go to there and again, at Now point, we don't want to affect any other channel, just that just between those in that point. So we're gonna go for the graphic or photograph rather see if we can find a photo. And the photograph is this one here, so we just double click on it and it's short of Neary. So we just put an end point.

So we've got three points in and again just use the Replace button. And that should drop that into the timeline for us. And we have a little problem. We've got a little frame at the end there. So we'll zoom in using this control down here this time. We'll click go to the end point in, go to the end again and go out and we will achieve we just To leave that out, and then just use the ctrl here to extend to match the audio.

And that's got rid of that little clip at the end. So zoom out. And we now have our shot in in there. There we go, just needed to select that. And we can see we've got a little bit black around here and a little bit black because the image is not filling the shot Exactly. And what we'll do is we'll now go to the effects side of it.

We go to the plus and here we've got a range. At the moment we've got the text selected, we want the DV, so it's like that one. And we're going to have a look see what we can find. This is actually just a quite a simple adjustment that we're going to make here. So we'll go for a 2d Double click. And what we're going to do is we're going to change the scale.

So at this point we want the scale to be, we want to zoom out of the shot, so we're going to go if we go into file, you can start to see we've got jagged edges there. So just come back out a bit to about there that should do. And then we're going to change the position and we just change the x position, and now we're changing the Y. So we can see shot there. I'll click on the clocks here, just to add a keyframe there. We're not going to do is I'm going to zoom out and then change the x and the y If we press play, we've now got a move exactly the one we wanted.

Back to the graphics, we can see that what's happened there is we've got a slight keyframe just there. So we will bring that down to about that point there. That will bring it to there and do the same. Just bring that oops, undo. undo that down to there. And again do the same here.

Click on there, we can now delete that one and do the same with that to that with that one. Try the same as your, that's okay. So we've got a couple of keyframes there that we don't want to bring that down. select that one and just delete that one. As we bring that along, that's going to move slightly, which is what we don't want. That should bring it up to that there's a slight movement there.

Can you see this Slight extra move in there, which we don't want. And that's because we just bring that to their frame, select that one and delete and then bring them back and press play. It's not the smoothest move, but it'll do the job. And because slight move there somewhere, so take that there's a slight change that we need to make. There's a slight change there as well. So if we go to that one, and make that 54, enter and then one needs to be 71.

And if we try that now It static, so we've solved that problem. So that's the Divi effect. Back to editing. Zoom out and just play that to the end. It does walk and a range of documentaries. And that's the DV effect with A to D image photograph zooming out for the final shot

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