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In this video, we're gonna look at checkerboarding. Now to do this, if we go right click on the tracks and go to track, and checkerboarding. And then we're going to give it 10 frames, either side of each of the tracks, and then we'll just do it. And you'll notice that all of the tracks or just the audio tracks have now been checkerboard. So if we zoom in a little bit closer, none of the pictures have been because there's no need to do that with pictures. But with all the audio, you can see that there's a 10 frame extension, the head and tail of each of the clips.

So if we now go to audio tab at the top here, and zoom in. What this allows us to do is to do a little fade on each of the tracks fade in and fade out. So there's not 100 Edit that's occurring across the audio. So we can do this on every single one of these. It could be that as we do this, we discover that we've added extra sounds that we don't want. So in the edit mode, again, we would reduce the size of the Edit that's in there.

So for example, just here, we're seeing we've got an audio track that maybe we don't want in there. We look at my work as an editor. video, we look at my work as an editor. It's actually not having that much of an effect anyway, so that's okay. And we do this all the way down the timeline, just fading in each of the audio channels across the cuts And that just ensures that we don't have a hard edit between each of the audio tracks. Now, occasionally, if you're doing this, and there could be some loud noise that comes in, and you'd want to adjust the audio, and you do that in the editing, so I'm just adding mixes in here.

We'll just play over the top there entries, as recent arranger documentaries as recent. And here we don't actually need this sound. So we need to edit that part out. So we go back to edit and we deselect all the tracks that we don't want to be affected. Just affect those and we just bring that into there. We could do is just increase that just a little bit.

And then we'll have a look at those tracks there. And go back to the audio and just add a little mix, just a little fade in there. So what this is doing this is allowing us to fade in before the channels again, audio channels more than anything else. Let me just go further down. And what's interesting here is we've got some kind of fade up that's just gone on there, which we didn't need. And you can see as I roller I'm just using the roller on the mouse to go backwards and forwards and I'm affecting the tracks there as well.

So there's another way of actually adjusting the levels. On your audio, we don't need that. So we'll go back to the Edit Mode, D select all the tracks that you don't need to be affected. And we'll just bring that to there. And the pictures will just take it a bit further as well. Maybe bring those those out, see what we've got.

Get back to audio. Yeah, they're clear now. So what we can do is just add a little bit of a mix in there to edit. And we've now effectively track played the audio for the film. So let's just play that through and see what see what it sounds like. Hello What I've noticed is that there should be a little mixer, the very start there.

So I'm just going to go back into audio. And just a little bit of a mix here, here. And you could do one on the music track. And we'll go back again to edit mode. Zoom out. Now play through again.

Hello. In this video, we look at my work as an editor, exploring my history, the tools I use and the way I work with clients. So morning, everybody, and thank you very much for coming to today's meeting and taking this video conference call with me in 2002. I began lecturing media production, but continue to produce my own work including Fiddler's walk and a range of documentaries. That's that

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