Adding overlay video (part 1)

8 minutes
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So we're now ready to do a little bit more editing with pictures. So we need to go back to the Edit Mode, we need to select the channels that we want to have active. And we probably need some kind of picture to go over the front here. So let's just deactivate the audio so we don't go over the top of that. We may need to add some audio, some channels, audio channels, so we'll do that. tracks.

Add audio, again, tracks and audio. So we've got two more audio channels in there just in case. So if we go now to pictures, have a look. See what we've got. Yep, so might use a little bit of something from there. Just like that, so I put an endpoint, an out point, and I'm just going to add it in straight in there.

So I'm going to use the Replace, and that's just added that straight in there, the two channels there. From another shot, click on this one here. So quantum point and I've got an outpoint that I've already created, which is to add that straight in there again, just replace the moment. If I play that, you'd hear that the audio is too too loud compared to the music underneath. So again, We can adjust the audio by going back to the audio tab and simply just bringing that audio down, just coming down. Now because I've got two audio channels, they're not stereo channel, I need to bring those down independently.

I brought these two tracks down. I've done them separately as two mono tracks, but I'd like those two channels to be in stereo. So if I go right click, and then go to tracks, I can actually group audio. And I'm now selecting the two tracks I want to be grouped together and they've now become a stereo pair. If I just undo that for a second, I'll show you an alternative way of doing that. Again, if I just go right click, tracks and then it says made stereo pairs as doing the same thing as I've just done, but with less clicks.

So we can now mess around with the audio on both channels at the same time, I'm gonna bring that one down as well go back to editing and play the other tracks by selecting them. In this video, we look at my work as an editor. Okay, so that's now working. So again, I'm just going to bring this to the end of that track. The selecting the audio here, I'm just going to that part there. And I'm going to put an end point and I'm going to go to where the next edit is just the beginning of my piece to camera and I'm gonna put an out point.

So in this On this occasion we've now added in and out points on the timeline as opposed to the clip. I'm now going to double click here. And I'm just going to find an endpoint. So he will start there. I've added an implant, just an important on that point. So we've got 123 points, we've got two endpoints on one outpoint.

For this particular edit, I'm now going to replace and it's added that into that gap that we had just there. So I go and do again, I'm using the replace with the three points, two ends and the one out to add that to the timeline. And again, if we go back to the audio, and just drag the audio down, and that should have brought that down quite a bit. If we go back To edit mode and play that whole sequence, obviously, because I haven't got these channels selected, they're muted. Hello. In this video, we looked at my workers nature, exploring history, the tools I use and the way I work with clients.

And what I've noticed is the audio seems to have come back up again. So let's get back into audio. Just add those back in there. Write that down. And the reason why that disappeared was I was playing around and just doing some adjustments that we've actually lost that effect. We'll go back to edit mode.

Again, and replay. Hello. In this video, we look at my work as an editor exploring my history. And I've actually bought the audio down just to touch too much. So I go back into audio again. I'll just lift that up a little bit, go back to edit, and then play again.

Hello. In this video, we look at my work as an editor, exploring my history, the tools I use and the way I work with clients. So long as I feel that that shot we've just put in there is too long. So I'm now going to create an edit point just in there and to do that, we hit the I and the Oh, and then the Delete. And that has now added an edit point in just there. So forget, undo There isn't anything in there at the moment I've got an endpoint.

So let's just change those. Oops wrong place, change those two there. If I now I can see where the waveform is just here and I want the cuts come just before that. So if I put it in point an out point, and then press the delete button, it now adds a cut in there for me. And to replace that, if I just go to the cut punim point and then go to the end of the clip, and add now point and then go and find another clip. Take that one there.

That's a fairly static shot. So did implant. Again, just three points this time We've now replaced that and the sound again will need to be adjusted. So get audio and we bring that sound down to there. Go back to edit, activate the other channels and press play, exploring my history, the tools I use and the way I work with clients. So warning everybody and thank you very much for coming to today's meeting and taking this video conference call with me.

Again, we've got that clip that we've just used up there. So we'll replace this one

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