Adding overlay video (part 2)

7 minutes
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And go to the end. It's possible the wife does accidentally added that in there, which she didn't want. So we just take that out. And that, just gonna lift that out using that key there. And let's just delete that space there. The alternative was I could have used that one there.

Let's show you that one. So if I go Ctrl Zed, undo and use the other one. That's now brought my soundtrack up against that edit, and I can now add some more channels. dislike that one, just like that one. Find a couple more clips. That's quite nice.

Like that. So we've got the endpoint. Take this a bit further down here. We'll take that to about there. Put in point and then we'll cut that in. Let's just see what we got.

I think we'll have another cut in there. Do the Delete. So for an endpoint now point now delete. And we need to find some of the shot to go at the very end. So look for something else. Change see what could use in the past fuse ORS.

We just need one more shot. 4k one point to the head of that clip, putting in point who detail by hitting this little button here that jumps to the end endpoint and then we can just override that. And that's how did that clip in. Again, we go back to the audio, track the audio down. Again, for the end clip, and it's gonna make any sense as a story. It's just a load of clips that we've added together.

But at least it shows you the editing process. So we go back to editing, switch everything on and we'll just play the clip through Hello, in this video we look at my work as an editor, exploring my history, the tools I use and the way I work with clients. So morning everybody and thank you very much for coming to today's meeting and taking us through your conference call with me. In 2002 I began lecturing media production will continue to produce my own work including fillers walk and a range of documentaries. Okay, so obviously music is continuing to be low just here and will rise just to that point there. So if I bring that back to about the edit point there go to the audio am I gonna do is I'm gonna make these adjustments.

So go back to edit. And that should now rise as soon as I finished talking and a range of documentaries. And that last shot is the 4k shot that we've added in, just for a bit of fun. Now personally, there's a couple of areas here that I feel are a little bit too long the gaps just in there and the gaps in there. So I'm going to deactivate this one here. And by selecting the end and keeping all of these active, I will now edit and trim these clips on the out, going shot on this one if I bring that in.

I've edited all these clips on the incoming shot. could do the same here. So I'm not I'm not going in the middle, which selects both sides. I'm just going on to the left hand side which is just changing the outgoing clip, just reducing that length. I'm going to do the same here. Because I want the sound start just at that point there.

So we just make sure it's just the right hand side that's selected. Drag that about there. That should work. We'll need to change the sound here as well. So if we go back to the audio, please select one of those. And now select just channel five and six.

Bring it about there. I want to out there. If we go back to the edit mode, select all of my tracks again. And now play just this section to the end. You should hear that that comes in a bit crisper agree clients so morning, everybody and thank you very much for coming to today's meeting and taking this video. from school with me in 2002, I began lecturing media production, but continue to produce my own work including Fiddler's walk and a range of documentaries.

Oh, just bring the end down there. to match the end there. Go back to audio, click there and click there. Oops. Click again and then just bring it down. And that will make that music sound fade out.

The alternative I could have done if I just go Undo, I can control Zed is it you can see there's a little triangle shape there. If I bring that in. That's creating a fade as well. Just play that. And that's it faded up. Back to edit mode.

Again, something That I would have been doing is using the plus or equals key to zoom in and to use the minus key to zoom out of the timeline. So we've we've done a quite a bit of editing there. And that's, that's the whole of our timeline edited together just in our little sequence.

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