41. Dotted 8th Notes

Read and Play Music Rhythms Part 7 – Dotted 8th & Triplets
8 minutes
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Nice today we're looking at dotted eighth notes. So I have some cliches here that incorporate a dotted eighth note. If you remember, a dotted note, I'll just recap quickly. So let's say we have four beats 12341234. If I gave you a half note, half note is going to take up half of the measure. So it'd be like these two boxes here.

So right? But if I add a.this.is going to extend the length of the note and this.is going to be equal to half of the note in question. So this is a half note. So this dot would extend this half note by a quarter, because half of half is two quarters. So this would extend it actually to this box, so three boxes, and we know that we want our measure to be complete. So we could just put a quarter rest here.

So this dot would create this kind of feel. So three, four, ah, all right. So it's going to be the same concept with these days. But so we've got our eighth here. When we add a dot here, gonna be worth half of the eight, which would be a 16. All right, so that would look something like this.

I'm going to draw a box This box is equivalent to one beat. So we usually have four of these in a measure. But just for learning purposes, let's cut this box into four to show the four sixteenths that we could have. So now each one of these boxes will be like a 16. If we take ourselves and eight, we put the eight here. We know that this Ace is going to take up two of these boxes.

Yeah, because then in one beat, we have like a quarter note. If we chop it in half, we've got an eight. So you could put an eight here and an eight here that would complete it. So let's erase this blue line. Okay, now we know if we put a dot here. That's going to be equivalent to a 16th.

So the next available 16th slot would be this box. So now we can erase this line. So we've got an eighth note plus a 16th. So that takes up three quarters of the bar here. And then we've got one more 16th space where we could put a 16th note, or we could put a 16th. Rest.

Yeah, either option, but that's your only options. Okay, so let's start looking at some of these cliches. All right, so our very first one was basically that same example here. So we've got an eight with a.so that adds 16 to the limp, and at the end, our last 16th of the beat, we have a 16th note that would sound like this three fold Alright, so here I have one beat, one beat of the measure, and we have cut it into its four 16th. So our first note here, we're going to have an eighth note with the 16th note.so. That's going to take up three quarters of this beat.

So three sixteenths worth of this beat in this note, and then we've got our last note here, the 16th. That would sound like this. Three, for a da da da da. I'll loop it. Ah, ah ah. So, Just just doing it how we've been doing it.

So for da da da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da da, da da. Yeah. Okay. Look at this next one, basically the same, just switched. So this would be a 16th, which would get this box here. Then we've got a dotted eighth note, which would occupy these 316 boxes here.

So this is sound like this. Da da da da, da da, da da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da. Stop. Stop. dah, dah, dah. All right, now we've got this guy here, we've got a 16th note wrist, which would get our 16th box here and got an eighth note dotted.

So that's going to add a 16th to its value. So that would take up these three boxes here. So that would just be like rest. Rest. rest, rest, rest, rest. Yep.

Okay, we've got the same thing here, just inverted. We've got a dotted eighth note 16th note dot extended to three sixteenths, and we got our 16th note wrist here. So that would sound like this. So Ah, rest, rest, rest, rest. rest, rest. Restart, restart.

Yep, so you got a 16th note with an eighth note dotted breath. Okay, so same thing, we've got our 16th note that will occupy this first 16th box here. And then we've got our eighth note, a dotted eighth note wrist, which will take up the three boxes, just as a dotted eighth note would would be, alright, so this would be like, stop, stop. Now this can sound I mean, it's a little confusing because that almost sounds like an eighth note. Like, ah, ah, it almost sounds like a quarter note. Ah, but notice how short it is.

Stop. Stop, stop, stop. Stop. Alright, so it's just like a little guy. All right, and then same thing here, but just inverted. So we've got a dotted eighth note rest to take up these three boxes, and you'll have your 16th note occupying the last box here.

So we could look like this. So stop, stop, stop. Stop. Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. This was so strange. Okay, there's your explanation for dotted eighth notes.

Let's have a dictation.

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