25. Musical Dictation 7 - Dotted Note Dictation

Read and Play Music Rhythms Part 4 – Dotted Notes
8 minutes
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All right, ladies and gentlemen, today we're going to do our dotted note dictation. You need a pin or a pencil. Something to write on. Obviously, you need to draw a little chart here for about this here, but four boxes. So we're going to put exercise one here and two and three and four. I'll give you guys an example first 12345 try that again.

1234. All right, so the answer, so we had three boxes of silence. So we know to do that. We could create a half note rest. You're going to take up these two but we want Let's take this one up as well. Half of a half note rest is going to be your quarter.

So by putting a dot here, we know that this is going to tie in this box together with these two. So this would be then we have one note here, and that's gonna be a quarter note. So 1234 s, yes, yes. All right, I think you're ready. Exercise number 1234 Ah, again 1234 ah to breathe For, ah, one more time a little slower 1234 Ah. Hi, look at the answer.

We got our dotted half note, we know that the half is going to receive two boxes. this.is gonna create this space this tie in. So and we've got a quarter note at the end. So everything together creates one. You always want to create one. If you add up all the things in your manager, and it's less than one or more than one, something's not right.

This is what this would sound like. 1234 Ah here we go exercise number 21234 ah a little slower 12341234 ah a little slower 1234 our answer is going to be quarter note rest. With the dotted half note. We know that half note gets these two this quarter Here ties it together. So 1234 this wrist. Exercise number three things are gonna get a little tougher this time.

Okay, here we go. Yeah 123 again, slower 1234 ah ah 1234 ah again Slower 1234 Ah, ah answer. dotted quarter note eight eighth note here. We know that this quarter can receive this box for sure. And then this.is going to take up half of this box here so we got three eighths technically, and then we got one more eighth which creates the four h which creates like a complete half. Then we had our half note here, and we know that this half note is going to receive these two boxes.

So again 1234 too Three, four strikes faster see what it sounds like fast. You start increasing the speed as we go hmm all right exercise 412341234123 or slower 1234 All right, here we go. Let's look at this one. Look at this one slowly. Okay, so we started with an eighth rest. And I gave you a dotted quarter note, this eighth rest is going to take up half of this box, which is a quarter, then we've got this quarter.

So technically half of this box and half of this box is going to take up this quarter note in this little eighth note dot, whatever is going to go in this last box of eighth note, you got an eighth, then you got your quarter. And this.is going to represent this guy here. And we gave you another eighth note here, so that takes up half of this, but then we had Then we had our dotted quarter note here. So here's our eighth. This is almost the same situation is here, right with this quarter note is going to be taking the second half of this box and the first half of this one. And then this dot here is going to represent this last little eighth here.

So if we added everything up, eighth, plus a quarter, plus a, plus another eight, plus a quarter, plus an eighth, you're going to get one. Like I said, you always want to have one. So this would sound like this 1234 faster. 234. This concludes our dotted note dictation.

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