49. Tying, Dotted Notes, Triplets

Read and Play Music Rhythms Part 8 – Tying, Dotted, Triplets & Pitch Crash Course
15 minutes
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Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to time dotted notes triplets. We're going to match up mixed up every single cliche that we've looked at so far. And we're going to dock them we're going to tie them together. Now throwing the triplets, this is probably going to be the most intense rhythmically so far. So here you can see we have two measures. So we've got first measure, got a downbeat here, so 1234 and then our second measure 2234.

All right, so here we go. I'm just going to write some rhythms here. And we're just going to talk about them. Yep. Okay. So our very first tricky rhythm is going to be eighth note, with a quarter note dotted so dotted quarter note, hope you can see that well So we know that this is going to take up half of this box here.

And we know that this quarter note is going to take up this whole box and this dot here, it's going to be equal to half of the note value, which is a quarter, so that's an eight. So that eight really helps occupied the second half of this downbeat. And the quarter gets this so this is a to be cliche. You've seen this before, so that Okay, now in our next section here, the third downbeat, we're going to have the exact same thing. So I'm going to give you an eighth note with a dotted quarter, right here you would have a K, but I wanted to tie some dots together some dotted notes together. So in our next measure, we are going to have a dotted quarter note, and we're going to tie this information together.

Yep. Okay. And now we're going to sew this quarter note, we know it takes up this downbeat. And because of this eighth, the dot here is going to take up half of this second downbeat, right here. So to occupy this next base, we're going to put an eighth note. Okay, so now all this is complete.

Alright, and then our last bit here, we're going to have an eighth note with our dotted quarter. Okay, so, this is kind of like this. So 1234 da, da, da, da, da, da, da again. Da da da da da, slower 1234 da da da da da da da. Alright, so got another one. Okay, so this one starts out easy enough.

We've just got three quarter notes. But then here's where it gets a little tricky. So we're going to have a 16th. Note. So we know that a 16th note we if we chop this down beat this fourth box here, we would have to chop it into four. Alright, so if we chopped it into four, this takes up one 16th.

But we still have three sixteenths remaining. So we can get give ourselves a eighth note, an eighth note here and dotted. So the 16th is going to take up the first one, this eighth is going to take up the next two and this 16th dot here is going to take up the last 16th. Okay, now we want to tie it to another dotted note. So we have a dotted quarter note takes this up and half of this one, but we want to tie these now. So this is like going to be a quarter plus an eight and an eight plus 16.

So this is a pretty complex grouping of values here. Now we're going to so we know that this quarter takes up this quarter box this eight takes up half of this one. I want to take up this last eight here with two sixteenths Okay, so we've got this complete now. And our last one We're going to have a quarter note. And we're going to have an eighth rests with an eighth note. And we're going to tie these even together.

So we got a 16th tied to a quarter. Okay, so let's see what this would sound like. 12345. All right, I'm going to give you a four taps per box to indicate like 16th just so you can see the 16th happening. So 1234 bah bah bah Yep, one more time 1234 next one, we've got a whole note here. We know that's going to take up these four.

Then we're going to tie it to a 16 cliche here. Alright, so we got four sixteenths, but I want a whole note plus one 16th. So we're going to come here, tie it there. So this would sound like Ba Ba Ba Ba, so 123412345 bop, bop, bop, bop, bop bop. So it's like just hanging on just a little bit. Got this here.

Now we have three more beats that we want to take up. We're going to now add two eighth notes. And we're going to call that 16th to that eight, then we're going to have our cliche we were using a while ago a 16 with the dotted eighth and we are going to tie that to this cliche, and he was to 16th. Okay. Alright, so whole note tied to the 16th. So now we've got two 16th in here, but then we've got this 16th tied to an A, that this eighth here, that's all complete this cliche, tied to this cliche.

So we've got three ties here. All right, let's see what this sounds like. So we got 1234. I'll give you the 16. taps, three, for da da da, da, da, da. faster to step two For next one. All right guys, same exercise, but I'm now taking it down to just one measure, because we're gonna get a little crazy here and one measure will be enough.

All right, so we know that we can cut each one of these boxes into eighth or 16th. Our first gonna have a 16th rest, so we know that there's still three sixteenths here to occupy. So we're going to do that with a dotted eighth note. We're going to tie that to a, another dotted eighth note. Now we're going to have to complete this second box because now we have three sixteenths technically, so we're going to add a 16th here at the end. So now all this is complete, but we're going to tie this 16th to another 16th note right here, and we're going to basically have the same thing as here, a 16th rests with a dotted eighth note, well, here we have a 16th note with a dotted eighth note, same thing, and we're going to tie that to a quarter note.

So here, it's kind of interesting to notice that we've got 123456 notes. But if you look, we've tied these together. So that's really one note. tie these together. That's one note and you tie these together. That's one note.

So really, this is only three notes, but we use six notes to represent it. Here we go. This is what this will sound like. Yep. So one To a or against lower 12345 give you your 16th note tap. So, three, four, ah, again, three, four.

All right, do do some of the triplets now. Okay, so we know that we can cut these boxes into three triple net triple net. So the first one We're going to have the classic just triplet or three to indicate that it's a triplet. We're going to tie this to a quarter note. Okay, so we've got a triplet here the last triplet actually gets taught to a quarter. Now we've got two triplet rests with a triplet here at the end three to indicate.

We've got this bluesy one here. Nice together, and then we're tying these. So if you notice, we've got this last triplet tied to this first one, but this first one is tied to this second one. So technically, all these notes here will be tied together. Yep. So here we go.

One, two, 34 da, da, da da. Let's look at that again. 1234 da da da, da da wisdom, some triplet taps 123123 Ah, ah, again, three, four, da da da, da da, da ta, ta ta. All right, and our last one wants to have this cliche that we left out. Sorry about that. And repeated we're going to tie these together.

So this would be da, da, da, da, da. But when we talk together, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da da. All right? And then after that, we're going to have this one that kind of just sounds like a sharp, like a 16th or something. And we'll tie those together. And this last one, we'll just do our classic blues.

So this is something like this. Three, oh, da, da, da, da, da, again, three, four, da, da, da, da. Okay. I'll give you this with the triplet taps. So, three, four. Ah, Ah, go slower.

Three, four, da, da, da da, da, da, da, da da. Thank you very much.

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