30. Musical Dictation 8 - Tying Notes Dictation

Read and Play Music Rhythms Part 5 – Tying Notes
10 minutes
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All right, ladies and gentlemen, today we're going to have a dictation. It's going to be on tying notes together. You can see here we're working with two measures 2341234 and we're going to do four exercises, as usual. Okay, I'll give you an example. First, you're going to need a pin paper. Please draw this chart here to facilitate your learning.

So I'll give you an example first, here we go. So 1234 ah faster. 1234 ah Okay, so we got our two whole notes here. Then we could tie them together like this. That'd be like this 1234 ah All right, here we go. Guys number 11234. little slower 1234 um ah 1230 little slower 1234 Ah.

So here's your answer. We had two quarter notes. And we had our half note tied to another half note. And then we finished it with two quarter notes. I'd be like this 12345 um, exercise number two. Here we go.

1234 Ah, ah 1234 ah ah 1234 ah ah, I'm even a little slow 1234 ah Did you get check this out? We've got starting with our half note quarter note another quarter note. And we actually taught it to a quarter note in the next measure this and then we had three quarter notes at the end. Let's uh, let's hear the answer. So 1234 All right, exercise number three. Here we go.

Nice and slow. 1234 Ah ah ah 1234 Ah what's nice and slow 1230 ah dude even one more time, nice and slow 12345 bom bom bom bom bom. Alright let's look at the answer. So we started with a quarter note. Then we had two eighth notes. We tied that in Note to a quarter note.

We've got another quarter note these together so this right here sounds like this 1234 right, but then we tied it in here. No, I literally have four eighth notes. I've got 1234 bom, bom bom. Did you get it? last exercise number four. This one's This one's pretty tough.

Hopefully you get it. So 1234 Da da da da da. Let's slow that down. 12345 da da da da da 1234 that ah da da da da 1234 the Ah da da, da, da. One more time 123 or da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da give you the answer. So we started with our for a Snoke cliche.

We tried this last one to a half note. Okay. But then we also did a double tie. So we've got this eighth note tied to a half note, but then we also taught this half note to a quarter. So actually, this is the equivalent Have a half note, dotted was an eight. Be like the double.we want to talk about double dots here.

So we have four eighth notes. We taught this last eighth note to the half note. So da, da da, but we wanted to keep it going even further. So we tied that to a quarter note. Then we had two eighth notes. Then we tied this ain't here to this four eighth note cliche here, here, so we've got three ties in this one here.

Double tying it, creating one big note here. I got one here. So we'll go 1234 Da da da da da da, look 1234 da da da da da da da da faster 123 da da da da da da da, da. Thank you very much. I hope you did well.

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