16. Introduction To 8th Note Rests

Read and Play Music Rhythms Part 3 – 8th Note Rests
8 minutes
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Seth will show you 6 new clichés that you will find with 8th note rests. Get ready to learn how to hear and write the reggae rhythm and more in this lesson.


Right guys, today we're going to be talking about eighth note wrists. And all the cliches, the one beat. And to beat that we've talked about in the past, we've had quarter notes, we have half half notes. We have eighth notes, but we've never seen an eighth note rest. And the reason for that, when you start adding risk into the mix, eighth note, rest, things start getting a little tricky, but don't worry, we've prepared you for this situation. Yeah.

All right. First of all, let's look at an eighth note rest. So you know, talking about, it's got like a little guy like this. Boom, something like that. If you want to do it, just shorthand, you know, you could kind of like something like this right? So let's look at what a one beat cliche will look like.

So here we have a one beat cliche. So we're going to have to one beat cliches. And then here we've got our two beat cliches like that. So first, our first one, be cliche is gonna look like this. We're going to have an eighth note, tale like that. And then we're going to have our eighth note rest.

I'll just give you one and then do the cliche. So here we go. Here's your count in one, and then we'll do it. So here we go. One. Now, this sounds like this guy.

No. But these are actually different. They sound similar, but they're different. This guy is one of them. This one, one. This one's just longer, longer, it feels the same, but sometimes it is important to cut this note, make it sharp.

So one by one. I'm a little different. All right, so our second one beat. rhythmic cliche containing an eighth note rest will be the exact opposite of this. This one's really cool. This is where you start getting a little reggae.

This would be one. So if I were to play this repeatedly, so wrist, bum, bum, bom, bom, bom. So this guy, one so repeated one, Bom this repeated bum, bum, bum, Bom. mix them up. Bom bom, bom bom, bom, bom bom. Alright.

Now let's look at some to beat cliches containing eighth notes, just so that you can see what we're working with. First one is going to be an eighth note with an eighth note, rest, another eighth note with an eighth note rest, and then we tie these together like this. So you've got an eighth note The wrist, eighth note, interest. But if this were our two beats, so this was one beat, I can see that one beat one beat, we could take this beat here. divide this up, this is two beats wanting to bend the first beat, we've got an eighth note. And then we've got a rest, an eighth rest, so that takes up one beat, and then we've got another one.

But we can, we can tie these two beats and create a two beat cliche by doing that, so eighth note, eighth rest, eighth note, eighth rest, that sounds something like this. So one, two. So one, two, Select the risk of breast. Look at the next one. You're going to basically have the opposite of that. You're gonna have an eighth rest with an eighth note, a threat with an eighth note.

And this kind of just sound like two of these. So, one, two, but again, one, two. So, rich, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah bah and it makes these guys. rest, rest, rest, rest bow. All right, let's look at the next one. An eighth note here to eighth note rests Then an eighth note back here.

Just sound something like this 1212 Yeah, one, two Bom. So just a mix up some of these just to show you. So one, two. bom, bom, bom. I'm certainly starting to get fun now. All right, and last one we're gonna look at, you're gonna have a dress with two eighth notes in the middle there with an eighth, rest at the end.

So we've got one to one too. So, wrist, wrist. So if we were to mix all of these guys up now, you have light ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba. This concludes our study on eighth note risks.

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