1. Finding The One with Roach

Read and Play Music Rhythms Part 1 – Whole, Half and Quarter Notes
3 minutes
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In this lesson Seth will teach you the importance of finding the one in music. He will run you through some examples to help you to understand how to find the one and count the beats.


Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to finding the one with Roach. My name is Seth Roach. Today we're going to be listening to some different types of songs and seeing if you can find the one. It's very important when playing music to know where the one is. In all the songs today that we're going to be looking at, they're going to have four beats in the measure so like 12341234 most songs in my country music, blue, even pop on the radio these days, most is going to be in we say for for timing or common time. Today we're just focusing on four four.

It's very important to know where the one is because that's when all the changes are like happening in the song. Normally you have chord changes on the way Once you have like a verse and a chorus or whatever the chorus is going to come in on the one, the verse will come in on the one big guitar so it's going to come in. It doesn't always apply, of course, but most times that's the case. Another thing is you can feel like a natural like an emphasis like a, like a one to listen to a little blues track, and let's see if you can find one. Find it. I don't want to tell you yet.

Got it. The other panel came in on the one so we would count this like this. Let's hear something else now. Let's try a little country. Let's see if you can find the one. You can find the one with this dance.

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