2. Whole, Half & Quarter Note

Read and Play Music Rhythms Part 1 – Whole, Half and Quarter Notes
3 minutes
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In this lesson you will learn how to sing and count the duration of a whole, half and quarter note and their rest counterparts. You will be given a bunch of examples on how to verbalise each of these rhythms and how to mix them up.


Ladies and gentlemen, today we're going to be talking about three different types of notes, the whole note, the half note, and your quarter note, everything we'll be using R for for timing, so 1234 it's very important to familiarize yourself with all the types of notes that we have. But getting started you should always start with your whole note, half note and quarter note, they're the easiest to work with. So a whole note, a whole note is going to receive four beats 1234 the whole note is going to take up that whole space or the whole measure. So this would sound like this. Ah, right. So 1234 It's also good to realize that each note is going to have like, its brother or sister it's when but a rest silence.

So here we would have 1234. Very important, don't forget your wrist. All right half note is going to be same thing but receive half of the measure. So we've got 1234. So so if we were to start creating different rhythms with these two, we could do stuff like this. Okay, let's have a look at our quarter note.

Now, this one of the most common, most recognizable guys here. So this would sound like this 1234 bah bah ba, ba, ba ba. Let's start mixing up this guy, this guy. So yes. So let's start mixing them all up now. So good.

Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba

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