26. Syncing Hand & Foot for Dotted Notes

Read and Play Music Rhythms Part 4 – Dotted Notes
5 minutes
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Hello, everybody, today we're looking at sinking hand with foot, we're going to throw a couple dotted notes at you. Hope you're cool with that. So here we've got our bottom row, our top row, our bottom row, we're going to use our right foot, just to give us the beat the tempo, so 1234, and our right hand is going to be doing some more complicated rhythms using a dotted quarter notes with eighth notes. So just to recap, this quarter note, we know it's going to take up one of these boxes, the first box here, this quarter box, and then we've got this dock here, the dock is going to equal up to half of the value of the note. So that's technically an eighth note. So this quarter is already taken up this box and this box here we know that this dot would be taking up half of the box We still have another eight left of this box that we have to use up and I decided to use an eighth note.

So we've got this one here. And then this eighth note is going to catch the upbeat. So da, ta. And here we have basically the opposite of that, we've got this eighth note, taking up this first eight boxes, because this quarter and a half, we've got this dot, which is equal to an eight. So that already completes this section. If you look at the eighth in the DOD, that creates a quarter so I know that that is complete.

And then this quarter here, would be taking up this space here. So I know mathematically, it all equals up to one so we're cool. All right, so let's look at this. So the right foot three or And then our top box here, we've got a quarter and then an eighth. So let's just look at that. So one, two.

Let's look at that again. So we can see our right foot is actually gonna hit and then your right hand is going to hit on the eighth after on the upbeat. So here together, so, ah, put and then hand. So, 1212 so if I kept repeating that 12121212 back, okay, so here we've got three and four, three and four B. We're going to hit quarter notes with our foot. Three, four.

Okay, In our right hand is going to hit the eighth note, and then immediately hit this dotted quarter note which is going to take the rest of the measure. Okay? So once you hit these two notes here, so three for your right hand is finished, but your foots still going to have to complete the exercise. So it might feel a little tricky. So three, four, boom. So three, four.

So if I kept repeating that Okay, so let's try this together. Okay, and obviously we can switch these around like we've been doing. So actually play the quarter notes with your right hand 1234 and use your foot to do the top dotted part. So, three, four, boom, boom, Doom, Doom, Doom, Doom, Doom, Doom, Doom, Doom. Doom don't go 123412 341-234-1234 Okay. I recommend doing this in with your with both hands had the quarter notes, your right hand had the dotted ones your left hand, so 34123412 341-234-1234 okay and switch that.

So have your right hand doing the dotted notes in your left hand doing the beat 123412341234 Thank you very much

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