Introduction to Amazon Lightsail OR AWS Lightsail

The Complete AWS Lightsail Series Creating the AWS account
5 minutes
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Hello guys I am Shahzad and welcome to lesson number third base we are going to discuss about the license. So, what is the license we have already discussed in our introduction lecture. So now, as you can see I have logged in with my official account which we have activated, you can also choose your regions we have already discussed about this, they also providing a lot of services, click on the service. As you can see, this is the light set up on the live set. So, they will redirect you from the official console console to your right select. So as you can see, they are asking you about your language.

So, this is English language. You can also choose your other language so, I'm something let's get started. So, as you can see, the current zone is the Singapore You can also change your zone, okay. So you have different type of services they call Lexa is providing different types of services. One is the selection platform so you can see there select a platform, it's a Linux or Microsoft if you're working on Microsoft platform, just click on the Microsoft and install the Windows Server 2006 and also the Windows Server are two and they have different type of packages so as you can see, monthly $8 so first month is free. So in the $1 they are providing you the 512 MB RAM, one CPU and 30 GB SSD drive and also the transfer data is a one terabyte or they have a lot of packages here so they can see the maximum package is 240 US dollar in 240 US dollars if you are choosing the windows, they will they are giving you the 240 US dollar per month 32 GB memory it CPU processing, processor or the processing unit.

Tonight at 640 GB SSD storage and seven DB data processor. So if you are creating an instance click on the package and also identify your answers or give me an instance name okay if you are working on the Linux or Unix just click on the Linux or Unix and in the Linux and Unix they are giving some services like you can also install the OS only in your instance so you can see they are giving the Amazon Linux Ubuntu sorry, Ubuntu and also The Omen to 18.05 Okay, you can also choose another OS like Santos and like others. So click on the app telesco os in the Atlas quest they are giving you some functionality or some services like if you are working on WordPress, you're going to install the WordPress 5.1 point one and dashboard. Or if you have multiple WordPress website, just click on the multiple WordPress websites, okay, if you want to install the lamp nodes yes Joomla Magento mean and drop off get lab.

So just select your services and select your package, create your instance. So it's very easy. And you have, you can also create your change your key by default is this key. So before creating any instance you have to download this key because this key is necessary you always access your account with this key. Without this key, you can not access your account and you have some other settings here, you have your account, you can click on the customer support, and you also click on the billing and so they will redirect you to your main console where you can set or reset your bank. Or card address.

Okay, you can also view your documentation. So lightsail also providing you the documentation that how can you create your SSH and connecting to your lightsail answers and some other documentation is available here. You can also view this and advocacy, this is the zone or region to speak on this if you want to change that region, the Mumbai, so change your region or select your region from here. Okay, wait a few seconds, so they will change your region. So as you can see, that's fine. And here when you create your account or your instance, as you can see, they are saying plan in Mumbai include lower data at prosper allowances than other regions, okay.

So that's why you can create your region like in Mumbai. You can also select your region like Tokyo or Virginia Ohio and also that Canada and the oil in and also the London okay so strongly depend upon you and your requirements. So I think this is enough for today. In the next lecture we are going to create an instance for our website for our WordPress website. So if you have not subscribed to our channel, don't forget to subscribe to our channel and if you are thinking we are doing good, feel free to share our courses and videos with your friends. So thanks for watching.

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