Introduction to Amazon Lightsail OR AWS Lightsail

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Hi guys am Shahzad and welcome in lecture number first days we are going to start over new C which is Amazon lightsail. So AWS is providing a lot of services AWS, I'm talking about the Amazon Web Services. If you are not familiar with AWS that means Amazon is providing the web services like e. c to container services, like machine learning, and like System Manager, and also the snowmobile. EF s a lot of services they are providing you want to learn many things in this series, like how can you create your instance we'll discuss about each and everything in our later lectures. But for now, Amazon lights lightsail is the easiest way to get started on the AWS you can create your instance within a minute and also they are providing a lot of options for you like, you can also choose your OS open to they are on Providing the Amazon Linux we'll discuss about them and also if you are working on WordPress Magento, Drupal Joomla So, they are also providing and also they are also giving you some functionality or you can also start if you are working on the node GS Lam and also the get lab we will discuss about them why creating any instance you can also select your region and they are also providing the low cost or the low prices like you can start your hosting India's three point $50 that means for our for you as Roma and also they have other packages like $10 $20 $40 and $80.

We'll discuss about the packages in our later lectures. They are also providing the easy to use interface. So you want to learn many things like how can you create your Amazon account? How can you manage your network and how can you install the SSL certificate in your lightsail account? We use the WordPress because we are going to install the WordPress in our instance. And also you're going to learn how can you create your PHP myadmin that means how can you access your PHP myadmin because accessing PHP myadmin and also the files is different from the shared hosting.

So I hope you gonna learn many things in the series. So thank you for watching.

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