Creating the AWS account

The Complete AWS Lightsail Series Creating the AWS account
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Hello guys am Shahzad and welcome to lecture number second days we are going to create our Amazon account or Amazon or AWS account. So how can you create your account in the last lecture we have discussed that what is the Amazon lightsail and some other things. So now, type AWS so as you can see, they are seeing Amazon Web Services, click on this. So This is the official website of the AWS. So as you can see, they are saying complete sign up. Now, create your account.

Here. Provide your email address, I'm saying digital make sure this is digital sort seven and I'm saying Okay, now I'm saying this is the username digital sword you can also use or you can also select or you can also provide your username click on this. So as you can see they are saying please select the account type. If you are going to create your personal account you can click on this or if you are a programmer or professional You can also create your professional account. So I'm saying I'm a professional because I'm a programmer. So the company is digital SOT The phone number is the phone number is okay now the country is Pakistan and Address.

You can also use your account your address because this is your account and I'm saying this is the state and the my postal code. Okay, I have checked. Okay, now you're ready to go just click on the Create Account. So now as you can see you have to provide your debit and credit card for your payment surprise your card, your expiration date. Now, cardholder, I'm saying Shahzad Emma. And the same billing address.

You can also use your new billing address something verify and add account. I'm going to provide my okay here. You can provide your country and the code and the phone number. So they will call you to verify your account. I don't have the extension. That's why I'm not going to provide or my priding.

So provide the capture. Contacts they will call you wait for few seconds Okay, I have received the call So as you can see I have just verified my account with my phone number so click on the continue okay so they are saying select a support plan. So they are giving few types of plan. So basic plans in the basic plan as you can see they are saying free it's a free plan included with all accounts 24 seven self services access to forum and sources best practice checks to okay. You can also choose your developer plan. So they will charge you $29 per month for early adoptions based on development.

And you can also use your business account for productions workload and business critical dependencies. Okay. So I am going to choose this one because it's a free Okay, now I have to sign in with my account. Okay, now you have to log in with your account which we have just created. So as you can see I have another account with my email address or my personal account. So you have to click on this link to add your account, provide your email address, this is the email address sought

So click on this okay they are saying clear, clear your cache or something like that. So open this in in incognito mode and open your sign account here or sign in page. I'm saying AWS along click on the My Account Okay, click on the Create your site, sign up, sign in. Okay, your load will click on this link to sign in to the account. So now I'm going to provide my email address. So I'm thinking it should sort click on this.

As you can see it's accepting my account and provide your password click on this. So now they are redirecting you to your console. Okay, so as you can see, this is your AWS Management Console where you can manage your services. You can also change your region from here so as you can see, Ohio, you can also change any region from here. So This is my account. And now go to the services.

And as you can see a lot of services available here. Well this is about the license because we are working on the license they are also providing a bunch of services like storage s3, as you can see for database. These are the database and a lot of services they are doing. Okay, you have successfully logged in now, go to your account and check how many emails you have received. So this is my account, email. So now as you can see, you have I have received four email accounts.

One is Amazon Web Services. So as you can see, they are saying welcome to the mobile web services click on this to get started. So they will guide you that these are the services they are providing. You can also sign into your account or console. So now, no reply at AWS Getting Started so they can see it. These are the emails we have received and another email or reply airbase is your account is ready so you can see they are saying land with tutorials and also some buildings.

Okay now you have another email address fine. We have seen four types of email. So I think this is enough for today in the next session we are going to cover some other things. So if you think we are doing good, feel free to share our courses and our videos if you have not subscribed to our channel yet, so don't forget to click on the subscribe button. So thanks for watching.

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