Creating the AWS Lightsail instance for WordPress

The Complete AWS Lightsail Series Creating the Lightsail Instance for WordPress
7 minutes
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Hello guys am Shahzad and welcome to lesson number fourth, today's we are going to create an instance from our lightsail account or just what we just need to click on the lightsail to access your lightsail sources, you know very well that we have covered some informations or we provided some information regarding your instance and also the lights that account Okay, now, as you can see, you are at the home and instance. Okay, just click on this, you have no task in progress. You have Home menu, you have documentation, account settings, and you have too many. You have your database and you have your networking. You have your storage and you have your snapshot. We'll discuss about that in a later lectures.

But for now, we are going to create the instance you have no instance right now is Call on the SS Martin. So now you have to choose your region. I am selecting the Mumbai or the Virginia. Okay, I'm selecting the Virginia. Okay, now you have two choices. Either you're working on the Linux or you're working on the Microsoft platform, just choose your platform.

Okay, I'm choosing the Linux and I'm going to choose the WordPress if you have multiple WordPress website just click on this if you are going to install or if you are going to work on the Joomla just click on this create your normal is setup. If you're working on Magento click on the Magento to set up your Magento instance if you are working on the top. Okay, I'm going to work on that WordPress makes sure this is the app plus OS so they will install the OS with your application. If you want to install the OS only, just click on this and they will install you the OS for you. Okay, I'm saying Atlas OS. So click on the WordPress.

So you have few things just as you can see, you are using the default SSH key pair for connecting to your instance. So you have to download this key because you always access your instance with this key. So now in the F drive, I'm going to create an a folder, I'm saying AWS we are going to keep all our sources here. So click on this. So now, here is that key. I have downloaded my key and now you have to write your instance name.

I'm saying WordPress WordPress site or something you can also use your name now choose your instance plan or choose your data plan. So first month is free for you. As you can see they will charge you 14 $40 per month so they are giving you 512 MB RAM 512 MB RAM, one CPU 20 GB SSD drive and also one terabyte choose your design package they are also giving you in $5 they are giving you one GB RAM one CP n four GB SSD drive. So this is best for business website. Like if you are if you have a simple static website you have to choose this one or if you have a WordPress website you can also choose this one. Okay because this site is suited For this kind of website or insurance heaven so you can see this is the visual sword.

This is the company with the company website all we have some we have five plus pages or some data here so okay so as you can see the same things here we have four to five pages and some static data here so this is enough for 3.5 dollars or $5 You can also choose your package is totally depend upon your need they are also giving you the 160 US dollar in 160 US dollar 30 gb ram eight CPU 640 GB SSD drive in 160 dollar per year. Okay, in this case, I'm just using selecting this one because it's free. Okay. Now as you can see they are saying you can try this Selected plan three for one month 747 50 hours Okay, now create an instance wait for few seconds they will create you the answers. Okay, now you are ready to go. So you can create any instance within a minute.

Okay now as you can see it's currently running so copy your IP address and paste your IP in your URL. So as you can see you have just configure the WordPress website or WordPress setup on your instance. Okay, now, how can you access your WP admin because you know very well that definitely you have a WP admin account and now if you open your email Okay, now if you open your email So as you can see you have not received any email yet. In the next lecture I will teach you how can you access your WP admin account because WP admin account is different from the shared hosting. You always create your instance or the WordPress setup on shared hosting account and they will email you or if you are installing the WordPress manually you define your credentials, but light cells never give you the WordPress credentials.

But we will discuss how can you access your WordPress WordPress credentials by clicking on this or by accessing this shell and by performing some commands. So I hope you are enjoying our courses or our videos. If you have not subscribed to our channel, don't forget to click on the subscribe button and if you think we are doing good, feel free to share Our courses and also the videos. So thank you for watching

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