Accessing lightsail phpmyadmin

The Complete AWS Lightsail Series PHPMyadmin and FTP account for AWS Lightsail
7 minutes
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Hello guys am Shahzad and welcome to lesson number six. Today we are going to access our PHP myadmin. And we have already discussed that accessing your PHP myadmin in life says is very different, or is a different thing from shared hosting. So now copy your IP, paste your IP here and access your PHP myadmin. So now as you can see, it's saying for security reasons this URL is only accessible using localhost. Okay, if you want to open some other websites, like cartels, or like insurance heaven and access your PHP myadmin So now, this is the shared hosting.

And okay if you open the insurance heaven, and I'm saying this is the seat pan It's redirecting you to the cPanel. Or if you access your IP and right the cPanel here. So now as you can see, it's not showing you the cPanel your cPanel Okay, wait a few second. This is the shared hosting. And now if you access your PHP myadmin now as you can see PHP you are accessing your PHP admin on you are l so now how can you assist your PHP myadmin so you need few things to access your PHP my admin, right? Find this software is supported.

Click on this is the official account, click on this Now as you can see you have a few choices you have to download two things. First of all you have to download the MSI Windows Installer I have the 64 bit operating system so have to download this one if you have a subcritical operating system you have to download this one. So click on the software and now as you can see I am installing on the I'm saving or I have to keep this setup on AWS which we have created in our previous lectures click on this I have downloaded now I need to download one other thing which is the partition. Okay, so now 64 bit and 32 bit and also the 64 bit I'm downloading the 64 bit because I have a 64 bit operating system. Now, open this one we have Downloaded our key open this one for the generator okay now as you can see you have your degenerate okay now click on the Generate and load and find the your key.

So I'm saying AWS open you are all files. As you can see this is your key. Now as you can see successfully imported. Now what you need, just need to click on the Save private key click on this one are you sure you want to save this key? I'm saying yes. Now I am key.

I'm going to keep this file here. I'm saying my key, my key. Okay now click on the Save button. So now we can see we have just created the dot p p k file. Key, you have to use the dot P e m file by creating or generating the dot p PK file. Okay, now just click on the installer.

Next. Next, next thing Yes, yes. Okay now I'm saying okay, because we have just installed. Now go to your instance, copy your IP address and paste your IP address here. The port is 22 and also save your sessions and I'm saying no, sorry, IP address, IP address. And also I'm saying save So I'm saying this is my current IP.

Now go to your SSH and also click on the auth. Provide your key here, which we have just created. And now I'm saying in the F drive, I have AWS and here is your key. Now click on the tools. Here you have to use the 8888. And also the local host, localhost colon, eight, zero, click on the ad.

So go to your data and auto login username, provide the bitnami as a user and go to your session, click on the Open so now as you can see, yes Okay, it's fine so opening a new tab, access localhost colon triple eight slash PHP myadmin. So now as you can see, you have just access your admin panel. So click on this localhost, by default is the root is your username and the password is which we have just copied from the click on this okay now, this is your database or these are your database bitnami WordPress as you can see These are the tables available here. You can also create some other tables or some other database from here so simply you cannot access your PHP myadmin directly but you can access your PHP myadmin using this software and you can download this software so these informations available in the descriptions below you can also find them so I hope you are enjoying our series.

If you have any questions or confusion, feel free to ask me and if you have not subscribed our channel yet don't forget to click on the subscribe button if you think we are doing good people to share our courses and videos. So thank you for watching.

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