0605 Filter - Basics

3 minutes
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Hi there. This video we talk about the basics of filter. And for those who are already using filter, I would recommend that you please skip this video and go to the next video from the lecture series. For those who will be learning filter for the first time, let's see how it works and why we may use it. Now let's talk about a data data set which means pan or 100 rows in this case 250 rows plus all hypothetical data Let me tell you that and I have few client names which are in different cities of India. So Kolkata, gorga, and Mumbai.

I love Mumbai is what about if you ever happen to be there, please feel free to gorge on those. Now, I will be talking about some hypothetical numbers which I've placed before each of these clients and their offices are in different location. Now let's say that I want to find out the list of clients who are based out of Calcutta. So how would I proceed and get the list quickly? First, I get to choose the data. To be able to do that, I will choose and cell and press Ctrl A.

Now if you've watched our previous videos, you will be reminded by the fact that in case a blank exists in your data, and if you press Ctrl A, it will not use the data. So what we're going to do, we're going to place our cursor on the first cell, press Shift Ctrl, right, shift control down, shift control down in case it chooses some extra data, please press Shift control up arrow key. At this moment, I want to go back to the header so I press Ctrl backspace key, it takes me back to the header. Once the data has been chosen, I will go to Data tab and look for the icon which looks like a funnel. Now this is the filter button which I'm going to click on so I'm going to click on filter. Notice as soon as I do that, the header now contains the drop down buttons.

So now as per our previous question, if you want to look at the client names based out of Kolkata or maybe in this case may be Bombay I will choose a city. I go to city. I look for the checkbox that says Google or maybe Kolkata and I press OK. What you get is a refined list of all the names which are based out of Calcutta, which you can navigate using CTRL down or control up all means can through one at a time. Later in the series of lectures, we talk about how do you add these numbers which are all based out of Calcutta so that in the next video lecture series at this moment, if you want to apply another filter, which says within Caligula Look, I want to find out all the client names against whom the invoice amount is more than $100,000. So I go to this last button, and then I go to number filters.

And I will see a variety of options which may say greater than, less than or equal to or between, at this moment, I'm going to choose greater than and I'm going to write hundred thousand dollars, although no need to write it off. part but still the number is going to work fine for us as I press OK. Notice this is a double refined list with the amount more than hundred thousand dollars and all clients based out of Calcutta. So what we learned was how to use filter in the very basic sense and how to apply filter on two different criterias or we can apply criterias based on even location. So just for testing purpose if I choose a big house, which means cool gotta climb from a big house and amount more than hundred thousand dollars. We talk more about the filter applications in the upcoming lectures.

Thank you for watching so far, see in the next video

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