0604 Horizontal Sorting (Left to Right) - Auto-realigning 100s of Columns

3 minutes
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Greetings, I hope you're loving the challenges that are imposing before you. Well, here comes another one from the point of view of sorting. Assume that this is a data which spans over six columns, which contains client name hypothetical names, the country in which they are based city where the offices are located, and the office building address, and certain amount which may be under processing which may be accepted, which may be rejected. Now, for any data migration purpose, if you want to change the sequence sequence of the way the column has been placed, for example, you would want that remarks should be on the last column, you cut it and you say insert cut cells. Now for a couple of columns, you can do that manually. But I've seen occasions where there are over 100 columns and they have to upload the data on a common server, maybe a government website for filing purposes.

And they have to rearrange the sequence of the columns in a desired format. I think about it amongst the hundred columns. If you were to cut Cut cells insert cut columns, and do that repetitively every month, how tedious it could be, and it would be time consuming. Why because you have to check the accuracy of the sequence. Well, here lies a solution. If you want to have the data the column placed in a desired sequence, you just give a serial number on top of it.

For example, I would want that the country should be first. Next followed by client name, third by city, fourth by location, fifth will be amount and thereafter sixth will be remarks. So just give the sequence and primarily when you download the data from a certain era, you get exported in a certain sequence column every month consistently. So once you have given the sequence of numbers, you can also use the sequence of numbers next time next month with the same data download. Once you have done that, I'll show you a trick which you could have never imagined so far. I choose the day The entire stuff, including the rule, which contains a sequence number, I go to data, I go to thought most of us would have applied sorting at some point or the other, but nobody cared to click on this button called options.

Right now I'm going to click on button options. And take a moment to read the various options underneath. It says you want to make it case sensitive. Nope, not my objective right now, what I want is sort the data from left to right. And when I do that, immediately, you notice the data has headers option goes away. And this time you have the options sorted by which row of course my row number four is the one which contains serial number.

So I sort by row number for smallest to largest. As I press OK, notice what is going to happen. look exactly, exactly my point. The point is now it is floating the same sequence that you had mentioned, although I will require some extra seconds to create formatted. And there you go. The remarks is on the last column amount, the second last, and the first one being the country.

So this is horizontal sorting. Ensure that once you've used it, if you're using the same file for different levels of sorting, let's say vertical, you go back to sort. And please change the option to sort top to bottom. Although you don't need to press OK, because you don't need to saw this. I'm going to press cancel. So there you go.

This was horizontal sorting. I hope you enjoyed it.

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