0306 Cell Drag-n-drop Auto Fill Options - Yr-end, Month-end, AlphaNumeric, Fill - Justify

2 minutes
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Hello, everybody. Let me now show you some of the under the hood tricks of autofill. Now, if you intend to prepare a list of dates, which is going to show you the month end dates, for example, 31st, March 10 31st, March 11 31st, March 12. You don't need to write that by hand. Nope. Although you can, but it's going to take some extra time.

Instead, you choose a cell where you have given the month end or the year end date, pull it down using autofill feature which is automatically enabled. And from the given drop down, which is called autofill options, choose fill yours all the dates are now the month end for March for all the subsequent years. Similarly, if you pull this data down, and if you choose this time fill months, you get to see all month end dates, and it also captures automatically that 28 or 30 or 31, whichever will be the last day of the month. Not only that the ones in If you select both one and two, and you pull this data down, you notice you get getting a serial numbered list for the alphanumeric data, you may simply digest down and what do you get me class 2010 2011 and so on. If you want to have an alphanumeric list being prepared with a defined interval class, for example, maybe I want to create some batch numbers.

So that x 101 hundred series Zed x 102 hundred series, select both of them. And as you drag both of them notice what you get, they are in the defined series of hundred interval. Now these are some of the intermediate level of autofill tricks. Well, now let me share with you one more tricks which you will not have encountered by now. Let's see in this case, I have an old report in 2012 and 13, mentioned in two cells one after another. I wish that this 2012 13 should be pasted here automatically without much of copy and pasting.

Now, watch this. Choose both of these cells. Go to Home tab. And from the film feature on the right hand side, choose justify. Notice how they both get combined? Well, this only works if you have given enough weight to the starting cell so that it can accommodate the next cell value.

So if I keep the column width limited, and then I populate the same procedure fill, justify, it doesn't work. So for one of those two or three of data, where you might have annual report 2012 13, and you might have a company let's say, ABC, Inc. and you want to combine all the three in one cell, you made sure the column width is wide enough, then go to home, then go to fill, and then go to justify go. That's what the trick does.

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