0903 Grouping Trick: Changing Placement of Grouping Button

1 minutes
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Hi, this session is meant for people who already are using grouping and ungrouping in Excel. Now most of us who are aware of this particular feature would have used this quite often to group that have columns. What they would have seen is the button appears on the right hand side and not the left hand side. But when I did so this time you notice the button appear in the left hand side. Let's see how did I do it? When you're selecting a particular column or row, and you go to the group option under data tab, you notice this small icon, which points to this outline feature.

If I click on that, it gives you a variety of options, one of which says summary columns to the right of detail, which means if this checkbox is ticked on the button will be on the right hand side of the summarized set of columns. Let me see how it works. At this moment, I press OK. And notice how the button placement shifts From left to right. Similarly, if you're choosing a certain set of rules, and you group them, you'll notice the minus buttons appear at the bottom. How do we go on inside outline settings and take away this first option. Let's see what we get.

Notice this time the minus button appears at the top side and not at the bottom of the data selected. So this way, you can modify the placement of the grouping and ungrouping button. At this moment, what I'm gonna do is I'm going to change these settings back to default, which means I go to this outline option and check on these two boxes and keep it so. Okay, so this was an excellent trick for you.

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