0801 Data Validation - Drop Down List Using Hard Coded Text and Pre-defined Range

2 minutes
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Hi there. In this video, we will learn how to create a drop down list which is often used to create forms and for accurate user input. For example, I wish to have a drop down which should have these three values accepted rejected or under review, any invoice which may be submitted for payment. It may be accepted, it may be rejected, or it may be under review. So this kind of a drop down, let's see how to populate one. First I choose a cell, I go to data.

Within data tab, I look for data validation. Within data validation, I choose the first option which says data validation. Okay. Now, by default, it says validation criteria. Now your question could be why is it called validation in the first place? Let me tell you why.

Let's assume in this drop down cell, I wish to give a word yes and I will press enter. Notice it is prompting you that this particular input is in valid not valid. So, you wish to try and correct that or you wish to cancel that. So this is validating the user's input and hence called validation. So, I go to Data tab, I go back to data validation and then I say, Please allow not any value allow a list. Now when I choose list, it says source that means what are the values which are going to be there in the drop down list?

What is the source of those values? Now, there are a few ways in which the source can be populated. One way is you can write by hand in words, so accepted, comma rejected. And if I just put into values, let's see what happens as I press OK. Aha, I have accepted I have reject. Now, there's another way I choose the next cell data. Data Validation.

This is the second approach with which a dropdown can be generated. So I go to allow I say list and in the source. Instead of typing those things in, I choose the values directly from these three cells. What does it say? It says a two colon a four, signifying the rain selection as a press OK. Notice it's taking all the three values. And just one thing, in case you delete any one of the cell values from the given list, you notice the drop down also shows a blank since it is directly correlated with the cell value, which you have posted here.

Now Apart from this, there is one more way which I believe is the most efficient way and I'll show that in the next video.

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