2-D Lookup - VLOOKUP w. MATCH - Framework

Software Microsoft Excel Advanced Excel Crash Course Section 11: Lookup and Conditional Calculations
1 minutes
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Hi there. This is a quick recap of V lookup match combo formula. And we'll be referring to V lookup as SR formula match being the JR formula. V lookup is the one who will be focusing on the entire table array, the parameter says table array. So that's the red dotted border, which is indicating the area or the region in which we will operate. But how does match come into the picture?

Match is the one who will assist v lookup formula on one parameter that is column index number. Initially, we had to count the sequence one, two, and three which column the answer must be fetched from, but right now we have automated this using match formula. The area of operation for match formula at this moment is just the header, and we ensure that the match doesn't start from before the area of the lookup or later, it should be in sync with the header of the lookup selection. So in simple terms, the JR formula or the match formula should follow this footsteps. Have v lookup formula in terms of the boundaries and will only focus on one dimension, either header or the one portion of a column, but never both. And this moment only the header.

So this is a snapshot which will help you recollect what is the combo of the lookup match formula looks like

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