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Self-Publishing Made Simple Module 8: Marketing and Promotions
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An untraceable URL is a "clean" URL. When searching for a book on Amazon, Amazon will add a "tail" to the searched book URL, adding information like the search terms used. It also includes which account made the search. If you share a link with anyone with all of this information attached, Amazon will know that it came from you, the author. The best practice is to remove all of the unnecessary information to avoid any problems with reviews being removed. The link should include the title (optional), DP, and the ASIN.- Once you have launched your book, if it is available via Amazon, ask your team to download the book directly from Amazon, even if they already received a free version from you before the launch. This will allow the purchase and the review to be verified. Verified purchase reviews are an important metric on Amazon and will show up before any unverified reviews. Note: Books downloaded through the Kindle Unlimited subscription may show up as unverified.

  1. Inform launch team members that they will need to read, or at least skim through the pages slowly before they submit their review. Amazon tracks everything, even the time it takes to read through a book. Amazon wants to make sure the reviewer actually looked at the book and spent time absorbing the content. Authors can earn money from Kindle Unlimited users who download and read through the book. You must be enrolled in KDP Select. The amount is not a lot, but an added incentive. It also makes the review process easier once they are finished because they are prompted to share the review right after. Remember, you run the risk of the review not being verified.
  2. Make sure to let the team members know not to affiliate themselves with you as the author. Do not mention that they are an acquaintance, family member, or someone who knows you, as this may disqualify them from leaving a review.


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