Step 2 - Name It

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In this lesson, I’m going to guide you through the second step of the Emotional Wisdom System, which is to name your emotions.

Some people ignore their emotions. Others are super-sensitive and have intense thoughts and feelings. Still, others do not have intense emotions but instead have a constant low-grade mood that they may or may not be aware of. Many people are somewhere in between and experience all types of moods and emotions.

Wherever you are on the emotional – experience spectrum, after you’ve Centered with Step 1 of the Emotional Wisdom System, Step 2, naming your emotions, will help you resolve the underlying issues that cause negative thoughts and feelings. And then, when you respond to these issues effectively, you employ emotional-problem solving skills, which will provide you with the tools to create a purposeful and joyful life. According to psychotherapists, psychologists, educators, and researchers, naming (and expressing) your feelings not only cultivates emotional intelligence but lays down the path for emotional wisdom.

To summarize, naming your feelings is fundamental to transforming your emotions. To turn your emotions into greater happiness, inner peace, and self-confidence, you must first identify what you’re feeling.

To learn how to Name It, complete the following action plan:

  1. Watch step 2 - Name it video.
  2. Read step 2 - Name it guide.
  3. Practice steps 1 and 2 daily, using step 2 - Name it guided recording, using your own recording, or not using any recording, whichever way is most convenient and works best for you.
  4. Track your progress and practice with step 2 - Name it practice log.
  5. In step 2 - Practice log pdf, you'll find instructions for an activity to explore expressing your emotions. Experiment with this activity at least once this week.

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