Step 4 - Tame It

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After learning how to center, and then name and claim your emotions, in this lesson, you'll learn the powerful fourth step of the Emotional Wisdom System, Step 4 - Tame It.

In today's world, most sensible people would say to tame a wild animal, one needs to train it with firm but kind and gentle guidance. If you think of your negative emotion as a wild animal, this step will make a lot of sense. Often, wild animals are tamed by giving the animal what it needs and wants – food, shelter, guidance, and love.

Likewise, you’ll tame your emotions by taking action (or planning action) to get your needs met, and by being wise and compassionate to yourself (and others). When you respond to your challenging feelings in this manner, the reason why they exist will disappear, and you'll be able to replace them with positive emotions.

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