Step 5 - Transform

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In the fifth and final step of the Emotional Wisdom System, you will completely transform your emotions. After completing Steps 1-4, you’ll probably have a sense of resolution and completion. You’ve created your sacred space, calmed your mind-body-emotions, identified what emotions you're experiencing, recognized why you have them, decided how best to resolve them, and given yourself compassion, wise guidance, and validation.

At this point, your emotions have fulfilled their purpose. They have moved you to analyze, learn from, and plan the necessary actions needed to help you navigate your feelings with emotional wisdom.

Because your negative emotions have no reason to exist anymore, you can now let them go and fill the vacuum they leave with positive, more elevated emotions, energies, and/or attitudes. You will also fill the vacuum with an archetype, your entelechy, or a symbol of transformation that contains the essence, characteristics, and qualities of your highest and best self, who you really are, or know you can become. In other words, your ideal self.

In physics, the law of conservation of energy states that although energy can never be created nor destroyed, it can change form. Because emotions are a form of energy, you can choose to change or transform distressful emotions by releasing and replacing them.

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