Step 3 - Claim It

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Now that you’ve learned how to center, and name (express) your feelings, Step 3 of the Emotional Wisdom System is to Claim your emotions.

For Step 3, when you claim your emotions, you’ll own them, and take compassionate responsibility for them. First, you’ll describe why you’re feeling what you’re feeling (what happened in a nutshell). Next, you’ll take an honest look at how you yourself might play a part in your feelings, or in the situation. Lastly, you’ll recognize the deeper reason, meaning, and message that your emotions are revealing to you.

You might be wondering how claiming your emotions will benefit you. The answer is that when you claim your emotions, it enables you to respond to them in a beneficial and positive way, which calms them down and relinquishes their hold on you. In this way, claiming your emotions increase your emotional intelligence.

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