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Hi I’m Julie Shieh, creator of the 5 Steps to Emotional Intelligence.

Years ago when I was still single, I created these steps because I felt such loneliness and social angst that I just couldn’t stand it any longer.

So in near despair, I sat down, and worked on my emotional intelligence.  Over the next couple of years, 5 steps emerged that consistently made me feel better and able to navigate life in a positive direction.

Then, over the next couple of years, I perfected these steps, which I’m going to share with you right now.   

Especially in this difficult time of social unrest and global pandemic, you may be feeling alone, tired, overwhelmed, grief, anger, or anxiety.  But by doing the 5 steps to Emotional Intelligence, you can feel better.

Here are the 5 steps:  Center, Name It, Claim It, Tame It, and Transform. 

In Step 1, Center, you calm your mind, body, and emotions, for a safe inner space to heal them.

In Step 2, Name it, you sharpen your ability to pinpoint your emotions and/or to express them if they’re intense or overwhelming. 

In Step 3, Claim it, you learn how to own your emotions without blaming yourself or others, and how to understand their hidden message.    

In Step 4, you learn how to Tame, or respond to the meaning and message of your emotions, and how to know what the best next steps are.   

Lastly in Step 5, Transform, you learn how to completely release and replace painful emotions, as well as how to embody the best version of yourself.            

Once you know these steps, it’s well worth the 15 – 30 minute investment in your day to do the 5 steps in order to feel better, more positive, and more purposeful, instead of living with pain for a day or two, a week, or weeks, or even months.

And with practice, you’ll be able to apply the steps in real time, until at some point, you’ll just BE your emotionally wisest, highest, and best self.




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