27 Weeks Pregnant

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Now that you're 27 weeks pregnant, your baby is really starting to grow. This means you'll need to add some extra kilojoules to your diet to ensure your baby is getting enough nutrition. Make sense, right?

In this video, Melanie will tell you the best ways to add those extra kilojoules in a healthy and nourishing way so that you can still maintain a healthy pregnancy weight while 27 weeks pregnant.


So you're now seven months pregnant and wants to know what you should be focusing on with your diet. Well, I've got the answers for you. My name is Melanie McGrath and I'm a dietician who specializes in fertility and pregnancy. In this video, we're going to chat about how your dietary and activity requirements change throughout the seventh month of pregnancy. Stay tuned as you move into your trimester, your baby is now about the size or rock melon. She'll push against your lungs and make you feel short of breath and your big belly will start to affect your balance, making it more difficult for you to participate in some types of exercise.

One thing you may not have expected is a change in shoe size, which is likely to increase by at least half the size. This is due to a combination of the increased fluid around your feet and ankles and the pressure of your additional weight lowering the arches of your feet to make them more flat. If your feet feel squashed, and sore, just go and buy yourself some new ballet flats. You can also try wearing compression stockings. These are available for a couple of dollars at the chemist and they will help to reduce swelling and make things much more comfortable for you. As your baby grows, she'll need lots of nutrition that add an extra 600 to 1200 kilojoules to diet at this point.

The best way to do this is to make your snacks a bit more nourishing. where previously you might have just been eating a piece of fruit or some dry biscuits now have a piece of fruit and some drivers get. Calcium is especially important at this stage as your little one will be drawing calcium from your body to provide her bone growth. So include the recommended two and a half to three servings of low fat or skim dairy foods in your diet each day to maintain your calcium levels. If you can't tolerate dairy, substitute it with a calcium fortified rice, almond or soy milk. I tell my clients to try to have dairy foods as a snack, as they have a low GI and are great for blood glucose levels.

Tried yogurt, cottage cheese smoothies, bakey dip and milk drinks. Continue with your pregnancy multivitamin and omega three supplements if you need them, as your baby's brain will be growing rapidly at this stage. If you haven't already done so, you may need to change your exercise routine for more pregnancy friendly low impact exercises, such as walking, swimming, water aerobics, or prenatal exercise class and don't give up altogether. Remember that you are preparing your body for labor and exercise is a great stress relief. If you haven't signed up for a prenatal exercise class, now is the time. These classes can be great motivators to continue exercising, because you see other pregnant women persevering, continually reminding yourself of all the benefits of exercise during your pregnancy is helpful to it controls your blood glucose levels, increases your fitness for labor helps you to maintain your weight and helps you to sleep better.

It minimizes constipation and will help with back pain. Believe me, you will feel worse if you don't exercise. One major better Fit of exercise comes from practicing how to control your breathing during exercise. This is why swimming it polarities are two of my favorite forms of exercise that I recommend too soon to be moms, as they help you to focus on inhalation and exhalation to help you eat more healthfully during your pregnancy. I've put together a seven day pregnancy meal plan to download it now. All you have to do is click on the link below.

I look forward to chatting to you again soon. Have a great day. So you know. So you substitute it with a calcium fortified Kelly a little bit of exercise and victory type page to write your second seven were previously

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