36 Weeks Pregnant

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36 weeks pregnant - almost due time! It's not too late to do the best you can and optimize your diet so that you can have the healthiest pregnancy possible. So, take a look at this video and learn from Melanie the dietary and lifestyle changes you can make when 36 weeks pregnant that will result in a happy and healthy pregnancy.


Once you know what you should be eating during your ninth month of pregnancy. Hi, my name is Melanie McGrath and I'm a dietician who specializes in fertility and pregnancy. In this video, we're going to chat about how your dietary and activity requirements change throughout your ninth month of pregnancy. Stay tuned. Now that your baby is about the size of a watermelon see you Fulton and ready to be delivered. As your baby is now dropped into the birth canal, you should find that you're able to breathe much more easily and there's less pressure on your lungs, but more pressure on your bowels and bladder and thighs.

During this final month, you are unfortunately likely to become extremely tired as your baby's position can be very uncomfortable to sleep with. being physically active can help you sleep more soundly, so don't give up. You may not have much of an appetite, especially if you're constipated, but it's important to keep up your small regular meals. You and your baby need the nutrients. missing out on proteins slows your metabolic rate. So it's sure to include your two and a half to three servings of dairy and two to four servings of meat on maize alternatives, which is your poultry, fish, nuts, legumes and eggs.

J omega three fatty acids are really important during this month as your baby's brain still growing. So include omega three rich fish in your diet two to three times each week. Check out my video on which fish are the best ones to eat during pregnancy. If you're not eating your fish requirements, I highly recommend taking the omega three capsule. Even if you're eating plant based sources of omega three like flax seeds and chia. You probably also need your pregnancy multivitamin right up to the birth, particularly for iron as your iron requirements are so much higher than usual with the increased amount of blood that you carrying.

In month nine, many women experienced an urge to nest to clean the house and make it beautiful for the arrival of your little one. Cleaning can be great exercise, but keep the task small and manageable. Don't try rearranging an entire room, lifting heavy furniture or painting instead, together smaller tasks like gardening, cleaning out the pantry or reorganizing your wardrobe. Getting down or floors to clean the floor, or pick up toys is beneficial to help get your baby into position for labor. You might feel that your body gets much sore at this point and that you're shuffling more than walking. But just keep doing what you can meet afternoon nap can make the world of difference to energy levels if you can score one, two.

And let me assure you that many women do exercise right up to their delivery day. So unless you've had some significant medical issues along the way you can to your recovery after Labor will be a gazillion times faster if you are fit and strong. If you haven't done so already, click the link below to download the free pregnancy meal plan that I've created for you. It's better late than never to focus on having a healthy pregnancy diet. So do everything that you can to optimize your diet during your last few weeks of pregnancy. I look forward to chatting to you again.

If you haven't done so already, click the link below to download the free click the link below to download the free magnet. Now I've got another one so that's not even the right word. Cleaning likes poultry fish, not a US or legumes sorry

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