18 Weeks Pregnant

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During week 18 of your pregnancy, your babies taste buds are starting to develop. So, if you want your baby to eat a wide variety of fruit and vegetables (which of course you do!) now is the time to make sure YOU are eating a wide variety of healthy foods (including potential allergens). This will help your baby grow accustomed to a range of tastes.

In this video, Melanie will guide you through all the dietary and lifestyle changes you should be taking when 18 weeks pregnant.


Want to know what you should be eating during your fifth month of pregnancy? Hi, my name is Melanie McGrath and I'm a dietician who specializes in fertility and pregnancy. In this video, we're going to chat about how your dietary and activity requirements change throughout your fifth month of pregnancy, especially now that your body is really starting to grow. dating. Now the baby is about the size of a mango This big, you're probably feeling kicking for the very first time. And as you baby bump groceries, your posture will also change.

Your pelvis will tilt forward, and your lower back will arch to help keep you into balance. It's gonna affect your gait. The way that you walk as well as your balance will also most likely find that your back is starting to ache, and that you get puffed more easily, even though that you feel your shortness of breath is a result of your baby pressing up against your lungs. You're now halfway through your pregnancy. And this was typically the most fun month of your pregnancy. So make the most of it.

You have a beautiful baby bump and pregnancy glow, but you're not too uncomfortable, which is great. And it might be time to start shopping for some new maternity clothes. There's your baby bump. As a dietitian, what I'm particularly excited about at this stage is the fact that this is the month when your baby will start to develop develop his or her taste buds, as that is essential in a wide variety of foods to help him grow accustomed to a range of taste. Try different fruits and vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables like brussels sprouts and broccoli, which can be a bit more bitter to help you avoid years of arguments at the dinner table. Also, try a range of different herbs and spices and a range of different lean meats including kangaroo, goat, lamb, fish, and beef.

Continue to ensure that you're eating all of your coffee groups each day. That's grains meat or meat alternatives. Dario Dario alternatives, fruit, vegetables and healthy fats and check the meeting your requirements the iron, calcium and ID, fermented food, grains, vegetables, and legumes, a particularly good for your gut microbiome, and your gut microbiome can impact the people Health of you about so minimize your intake of processed sugars and pre and probiotic rich foods date instead. It's also wise to incorporate common allergens like wheat, soy, fish, seafood and nuts into your diet to help build up your baby's immune system at this stage. Continue to take your prenatal multi and omega three supplements if you're not getting enough low mercury high omega three fish. If you haven't had an appointment with your dietitian since she first got pregnant, now's a good time to schedule a review.

You may find the activities such as roller skating and bike riding become more challenging as your baby belt grows and your balance changes. So if you need to switch to activities that don't require as much balance, such as water aerobics or swimming, backache is a common reason why women stop exercising at this stage of pregnancy, when in fact, movement is one of the best ways to Deal with backache. I suggest that you give up higher intensity exercise and start focusing more on incidental, low to moderate intensity exercise, such as walking or swimming. If you haven't already got one, buy a pedometer or step counting device and ensure that you're walking at least 10,000 steps every day. Swimming is also a really good choice as low intensity, gentlemen, aches and pains. Great for strengthening your core, a terrific stress reliever and an excellent way to burn kilojoules.

Try to make time to get to the beach or pool at least twice a week. If anytime you noticed severe abdominal pain, bleeding or a significant reduction in your baby's movements, stop exercising and seek medical advice. Physical Activity right up until the end of your pregnancy is safe, but stop and get a checkup if your body is telling you to and then get back on the horse if everything is okay to help you eat more healthily during your pregnancy. I've put together a seven day pregnancy meal plan. To download it now all you have to do is click on the link below. I look forward to chatting to you again soon.

Have a great day. Continue to take your prenatal multi and omega three supplement if you're not eating enough Mercury, low mercury fish they grade enough into your diet to help food up you build up your immune system. Great for strengthening your core, a terrific Stress Stress Reliever and an excellent way to try different foods.

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