If you wear glasses...

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We're going to begin with the exercises. And I just want to say, you know, obviously right now I'm actually here in Greenland. It's beautiful. I'm outside, there's an iceberg behind me, you know. So it's very easy in a place like this when I'm surrounded by nature to just kind of sit and do these IE yoga meditations. However, I understand that not everyone will have a beautiful surrounding just like this.

So, you know, however you can be comfortable even if it's sitting at home on your couch or a chair, you know, sit on the floor, cross your knees, however it is you want to do it. If you're at your desk, and you just kind of turn off the computer for five minutes and you do that sizes, whatever, it actually doesn't matter. What matters is that you're doing the exercises. Before we get started, I just want to mention if you do wear glasses. You don't have to remove your glasses to do these exercises. And in fact, I would recommend that you don't, because depending on your eyesight, I don't know if you have a very bad vision or something like that I don't want you to get dizzy or you know, strain your eyes too much.

So, if you wear glasses, you can still do these exercises while wearing your glasses. And if it's comfortable for you, based on what level of vision you have, is when you can determine if you want to remove the glasses to do some of these exercises. Only the very last exercise you can do without your glasses completely. So when we get to that exercise in that video, then you'll know that you can remove your glasses for that particular exercise. For all the other ones. Keep wearing your glasses.

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