Train Smarter Stay Stronger Over Age 40

Learn how to optimize your health and fitness while using the very latest heart rate zone training concepts and by adding events and adventures that challenge your status quo.

Train Smarter Stay Stronger Over Age 40

Learn how to optimize your health and fitness while using the very latest heart rate zone training concepts and by adding events and adventures that challenge your status quo.
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About the Class

This course will immerse you into the use of state-of-the-art fitness training methods used by elite athletes and backed by science. Essentially, the goal behind this programming is to introduce the use of intelligent training concepts that emphasize a "process over product" (i.e., PoP) approach to reaching your fitness goal(s). No quick and profound change claims but rather a self mastering process that delivers well-planned, appropriately progressed, and scientifically based programming. This program is beneficial for all goal-oriented exercisers but is especially relevant for the endurance event-minded individual who is over the age of 40 and desires a real challenge while at the same time insisting on following a sensible training approach that works to avoid overuse injury or illness.

Create a challenge

One of your goals in this program should be to find some kind of challenging event or objective that will motivate you to stay engaged with your training. Some example challenges may include; adventures around running, walking, or hiking; or maybe it's a group event like completing or performing well in a triathlon, cycling, mountain climbing, or even a paddling event. And if this form of challenge is not "your cup of tea" then you can also keep it simple and focus on working to achieve better fitness and health with plans that help you manage your weight better and improve your overall health status. No matter what your situation is, this program can help you get there efficiently and safely.

Our planning systems are periodized and tend to follow a more polarized approach to training. Put simply, this means that you'll learn how to follow a step-wise and controlled effort approach to moving your fitness forward. This program will typically prescribe that you only work hard when it's structured (e.g., interval sessions) and only when you prepared to do it safely and effectively. The structured intensity training will be limited to just a couple of days a week. Most of the rest of your workout time will be centered around activities and exercises that are fairly light or at short moderate effort levels.
Our training plans are powered by the TrainingPeaksTM platform which allows for the integration of numerous tracking devices, including; heart rate, GPS, and power monitors. Tracking and managing your training well will help you know whether or not you are following the program appropriately. Moving forward successfully requires knowing where you are at and where you have been.
The PoP Lab approach combines the inclusion of challenging events spread throughout precision-oriented planning guides to stimulate focussed, enjoyable, and effective training.
There is a significant educational component to this course. If you want to learn what smart training looks like and how to adhere to it, then this is the program for you.
The only requirement for this class is a desire to be physically challenged (not overwhelmed), a willingness to focus on the process (learn and adapt), and a dedication to consistency.


Ken Nicodemus, MA, CMES

Exercise Physiologist
Ken is an adjunct professor and the director and founder of The Fit Stop Human Performance Lab in Carlsbad, CA. His work involves developing and implementing sophisticated assessment and guidance programs to improve the health and physical performance levels of endurance athletes, employees and the general population. He has delivered and...


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What's Included

Language: English
Level: All levels
Skills: Cycling, Hiking, Online Fitness Planning, Weight Management, Running, Heart Rate Monitors Use, Health and Fitness Optimization, Triathlons, GPS Devices, Online Fitness Tracking
Age groups: All ages
Certificate: On completion
Duration: 4 hours 20 minutes
12 Videos
61 Documents
11 Quizzes
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