Copywriting Masterclass

Learn the best well-kept secrets of the most famous copywriters in the world.

Copywriting Masterclass

Learn the best well-kept secrets of the most famous copywriters in the world.
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About the Class

Do you want to acquire the skill of writing irresistible and extremely powerful marketing offers?

Have you invested fatiguing months of product creation, and when finally your product or service is ready, there is a lack of sales?

Do you want to know the exact psychology triggers and tactics used by the most successful and filthy rich online entrepreneurs?

If you’ve answered “yes” to even one of these questions, then enrolling in this course will be the best decision you’ve made this year.


My name is Vladimir Raykov, and I do marketing.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. I work as a Marketing Manager. I’ve created and launched over 20 digital products.

So much for me, let’s see what you are going to learn:

In this course will learn how to create and present irresistible offers that people buy!

This is a part of the art and science of copywriting and as one of the most successful copywriters who has ever lived said:

“It Is The Deal... The Offer... The Proposition
You Are Making That Is The Heart And Soul
Of Great Copywriting!“ Gary Halbert

Even if you have some experience with copywriting if your offer is poorly presented you will have terrible results. Because strong copy will not overcome a weak offer, but in many cases, a strong offer will succeed in spite of weak copy written by marketing morons.

Course Section:

  1. Master Headlines
  2. Master Benefits
  3. Master Offers
  4. Master Stories

What will you learn in this course?

  • You will understand once and for all the ultimate purpose of your headline (and why many people are dead wrong about it).
  • Master 9 styles of headlines to use in any medium, including sales pages, squeeze pages, blog posts, subject lines, and more.
  • Learn the two crucial (and super easy) factors for writing a perfect headline for your blog post that will explode your readership. (Most bloggers mess up this part)
  • The number one reason why readers do not read your copy. John Carlton talks about that all the time.
  • Discover the top 10 tried and tested formulas “fill-in-the-blank” style that will guarantee you write a perfect headline every time! There isn't a famous copywriter who hasn’t used at least a few of these formulas.
  • You will learn the difference between writing a headline for a sales page and blog post. (If you are serious about elevating your skills to the next level, you need to watch the lecture “Writing And Testing Your Headlines”.
  • You will discover a free tool (no daily limits) to analyze and test your blog post & social media headlines. (This will save you a lot of time!)
  • You will arm yourself with a complete set of copywriting weapons (resources) that I use when I write copy.
  • You will find out who the most successful old-school copywriters are. (Learn from the best to become like them)
  • In the bonus section, you will learn how to integrate the AIDA framework (for writing your body copy), plus a real-life example where I dissect the body copy of my course on Online Teaching.
  • The crucial difference between features and benefits. Even advanced marketers have a hard time explaining which one is.
  • You will learn how to convert cold features into powerful and emotional benefits that sell.
  • How to identify the benefits of the benefit. Or how to dig deeper into the prospect's mind and find what makes them tick.
  • You will learn what I call the Holy Grail in marketing – The Ladder Of Abstraction. Mastering the principles from that lecture will instantly improve your communication skills, and you will be able to create irresistible marketing messages.
  • The best place to write the benefits of your product. And how to do it exactly by using a specific formula plus a real-life example.
  • Learn the top 3 trigger words that you should always imply in your marketing message.
  • Discover a simple but effective 3-step framework for writing marketing copy.
  • Master the most critical factor for pricing your product or service (and avoid a common pricing mistake).
  • Gain access to valuable resources for copywriting and marketing. Make sure you download the PDF files.
  • The top 8 psychological elements to include in your marketing offer.
  • How to present your price, so it looks like the best deal ever, even if you sell a product or service for $500.
  • How to “frame” your value proposition.
  • The number one question prospects have in their minds – if you don’t address this question, your sales will suffer.
  • How to communicate clearly and get your message across with 100% accuracy every time. You should understand that marketing is communication. You will learn about the “Ladder Of Abstraction,” which I call the “Holy Grail” in marketing.
  • How to prove what you promise, so your prospects trust you, like you and buy from you. Plus, you will see a noble marketer who sells his 25000 dollar program only by using a video testimonial - the power of social proof.
  • You will learn how to create urgent situations that cause people to act quickly! And this is scientifically proven to work. You will learn two powerful ways to utilize the Urgency Principle.
  • You will learn how to increase the value of your proposition by adding bonuses and other incentives. You will learn the top 2 rules when it comes to adding a bonus to your offer. So many people mess this up. Plus, you will learn exactly what kind of bonuses to consider.
  • How to remove risk or even better reverse it. This technique alone is so powerful that it would easily increase your conversions if you apply it in the right way.
  • How to ask for action in a way that doesn’t sound like a sleazy salesperson.
  • You will learn the biggest secret of creating a successful offer. By applying the information from that particular lecture, it is 100% guaranteed that all the other elements of your offer will work times better.
  • I also have a case study for you. I share my personal experience, how I applied the skills you will perfectly know when you complete the course, to attract business partners.
  • How to unleash the power of your personal story to sell more products.

I explain every concept by providing you with great, world-class examples of the most successful copywriters in the world.

So, you will be learning about proven strategies. Not vague theories.

Just for a second, imagine what it would be to have the skill of writing amazing headlines, offers, and stories.

This very skill may skyrocket your sales by 2 or 5 or 10 times and even more.

Even if you have the best product in the world, if you don’t know how to offer it to your prospects, it won’t be successful. You need to have copywriting skills to make it happen.

Who should take this course?

  • Bloggers
  • Book authors
  • Online entrepreneurs
  • Online marketers
  • And people from any occupation that requires writing marketing copy for the purpose of getting response and action.


Vladimir Raykov

Marketing Manager, Direct Response Copywriter, Author
Vladimir Raykov works as a Marketing Manager in an innovative and highly developing company for software solutions. Vladimir has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and has successfully completed courses on a Master's level on Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Knowledge at Copenhagen Business School. He is an author (How To Build Your Successful...


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What's Included

Language: English
Level: All levels
Skills: Master Points, Writing, Writing Headlines, Write Offers, Storyselling
Duration: 2 hours 56 minutes
29 Videos
5 Documents
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