How to Support (Mostly) Happier and Healthier Teens

Learn how to help your teen gain more self-confidence, make good choices and support their mental health.

How to Support (Mostly) Happier and Healthier Teens

Learn how to help your teen gain more self-confidence, make good choices and support their mental health.
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About the Class

Former TED Education Award-Winning High School Teacher and TEDx High-Performance Assessment Expert, Jamie Mason Cohen, reveals the real secret to preparing your teen for success.

I’ve been a teacher for years. All teenagers are different.

It takes knowing what character your teen has to optimize teaching them and raising them as happy and healthy.

Every teen is different. Some are extroverted. Some are shy.

Others are insecure, even though they might appear to be confident in certain situations. While others are confident even though they sometimes are hiding who they really are.

The real breakthrough in optimizing a teen’s success is first understanding who they really are + and how they learn. Figuring out who they are isn’t always easier to understand.

Parent-teacher conferences are meant to help a teen when they’re at school. Now that teens are learning from home, parents are now facing how to educationally connect with their teens and discover their specific learning modes and take full advantage of it.

Parents started seeking me out to help raise their teen’s performance in school, not just for my class but for their classes. My students have gone from failing to making the Honour Roll in just one semester.

Other students have credited my teaching strategies with pursuing careers in psychology, media, and medicine.

Another student I worked with went from feeling lonely and disconnected from his peers to be an influential student who created the school’s student club of the month.

You will be learning the same tools I taught those parents and teens in this course.

Parents want to learn positive results but many will learn a unique skillset if this is what it takes.

Parents are interested in their kids’ health and happiness bottom line.

What will you learn in this course?

In this course, parents of teenagers will (mostly) gain the knowledge to help their teens have:

  • Gain more self-confidence academically and socially
  • Develop a happier mindset
  • Make good choices
  • Discover practical ways of thinking about how to help them in their future career
  • Getting a better understanding of them to positively impact their mental health


Jamie Mason Cohen

I help people discover their strengths and blindspots through graphotherapy + provide creative solutions to creative problems.
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Referred to by some as the “personality x-ray machine”, Jamie Mason Cohen is a certified graphotherapist and leadership strategist whose TEDx talk on how to spot a leader through their handwriting has been viewed more than 2.1 million times (2 million x by himself :). His unique and unusual ability to analyze people’s handwriting in less than...

Class Requirements

You should have the following materials:

  • Pen
  • Notebook
  • 10 minutes per day to watch a video(s) and do the exercise connected to the lesson

Class Contents

What's Included

Level: Beginner
Duration: 2 hours 22 minutes
36 Videos
2 Documents
14 Quizzes
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