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About the Class

The ROQUE Model is an online interactive tool that prompts you to reflect on your work, life, relational worlds, and how you are pursuing your goals. It is a professional coaching, reflection, and self-discovery tool developed over many years and successfully used by thousands of individuals, couples, teams, and executives to help them towards their goals. The emphasis is on reflection in the context of goals as a QUEST- where there is congruence between the head (rational and logic) and heart (emotion and passion).

In the dynamic landscape of personal development and growth, the search for effective coaching tools that can unlock one's true potential is a constant quest. The ROQUE Model is a simple yet powerful framework that can be applied to any area of your life, such as career, business, health, relationships, finances, etc. It can help you to clarify your vision, overcome obstacles, make better decisions, and achieve lasting results. At the heart of the ROQUE Model lies a profound understanding of human psychology, behavior, and the intricate interplay between these elements. Drawing insights from cutting-edge research and real-world applications, this coaching tool has emerged as a versatile resource for individuals seeking clarity, purpose, and meaningful progress in various aspects of their lives.

The questions are simple yet have a profound impact as you reflect on your answers. The report you receive gives you a holistic impression of where you are, yet what you are experiencing as a result of the exercise begins to urge you to start a journey of exploration.

Successful people use what seems like Secrets to setting life-changing goals. The ROQUE Model helps you start a coaching journey either on your own or with the help of a coach. It shows you the way to create a better work-life flow, fulfilling relationships, and a purposeful life as a unique human being.

Who will benefit? Individuals like you who want to go from where you are to where you seriously want to be – for yourself, your relationships, and your career. People who want more meaning and fulfillment in life, happier, mutually growing relationships, and purposeful career engagement.

The 18 pages report that you receive is a handy reference. It reviews the thought process you experienced online and serves as a tool to further develop how you plan your journey. It guides you through some "Where to from here?" questions that come up for you. The report also has some templates as tools to help you test out some ideas and plan as you think about your goals.



Joseph D'Souza

Joseph D’Souza serves as the lead coach at QuestUnique. He is the developer of The ROQUE Model. Joseph has an extensive background in a range of local, national and global businesses and is also accredited to deliver a variety of psychometric inventory and assessment instruments. He has worked extensively with Associate Executive Coaches and...


You should require:

You are one whole person, In this exercise of reflection using the ROQUE Model, we segment who you are into three perspectives: Of course, you are all three in one. Yet each is quite distinct and sometimes in harmony and sometimes in conflict with each other. The important perspective is to know who you are wherever you are. By acknowledging these different aspects of who you are and their relationship with each other, you are able to consciously manage and navigate circumstances whilst still maintaining the integrity of who you are.

Your SELF as a Human Being.
Your Professional Self.

Before you begin the ROQUE Model questionnaire, Simply relax and think freely as you go through the items. Complete the process in one sitting and try and spend no more than 30 to 45 minutes. Have a notepad ready to capture your thoughts as you go. Spend much more time reflecting on the output. Your scores will be displayed on graphical outputs. This is not a test. There is no right or wrong answer. Feel encouraged when you can give yourself a high number, and acknowledge that a low self-reference has caused you to start thinking about an item. This is just a status inventory. It provides you with an impression of your unique journey at the present time, as seen by you alone. Where you decide to go from here is entirely up to you.  

Your report is provided instantly. Your conversation has already started, some things to be mindful of:

An ideal coachee is someone who possesses the following key attributes:

  • Open-mindedness: You are receptive to new ideas, perspectives, and feedback. You are willing to consider alternative approaches and are not overly attached to your current beliefs or behaviors.
  • Self-motivated: You have a strong desire to learn and grow, taking the initiative to improve yourself both personally and professionally. You actively seek opportunities for development.
  • Accountability: You take responsibility for your actions and are willing to be held accountable for your goals and progress. You understand that change requires effort and are committed to putting in the work.
  • Positive attitude: You maintain a positive and optimistic outlook, even in challenging situations. This attitude helps you stay motivated and focused during the coaching process.
  • Active listener: You are attentive during coaching exercises on your own and during sessions with your coach. You actively engage in the discussions. You value the insights and expertise of your coach and are willing to listen and reflect on the advice given.
  • Respectful and Trusting: You show respect for the coach and the coaching process. You trust the coach's expertise and guidance and are open to being vulnerable and sharing your challenges and goals. You know you are in a ‘safe place’.
  • Goal-oriented: You have clear and specific goals you want to achieve through coaching. You are committed to working towards these objectives and are ready to make the necessary changes to reach them. You welcome the process to help you clarify goals and define them where your starting point may be vague.
  • Self-reflective: You are willing to introspect and examine your own thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. You use this self-awareness to identify areas for improvement and implement changes.
  • Effective communicator: You can articulate your thoughts, feelings, and needs effectively. This helps the coach understand your perspective and provide relevant support and feedback.
  • Consistency: You show consistency in your commitment to coaching and in the actions you take toward your goals. You don't shy away from facing challenges and setbacks but persevere through them.
  • Time management skills: You are organized and respect the time dedicated to coaching sessions and assignments. You are punctual and committed to making the most of your coaching experience.
  • Growth mindset: You embrace challenges, see failures as learning opportunities, and believe that you can improve with effort and practice. This mindset encourages resilience and adaptability.
  • An individual with these attributes is more likely to benefit greatly from coaching, as they are already motivated and receptive to personal and professional development, making the coaching process more effective and rewarding for both the coachee and the coach.
One-time Fee
CHF 50.28
NOK kr599.51
DKK kr385.56
ISK kr7,787.45
SEK kr598.16

What's Included

Language: English
Level: Intermediate
Skills: Self Awareness, Life Purpose, Growth Mindset, Personal Development, Human Psychology, Relationships Management, Time Management Skills, Work-Life Balance
Age groups: 21+ years
Duration: 30 minutes
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