Build your own video : option 3

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8 minutes
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Everyone in this lecture I will be showing you how you can create your own video from scratch, which is option three of any video. So let's get started. But I want to warn you that it will be a little hard work for you because you will need to create everything from scratch. So you can take help of the Nvidia support team which are always present for you 24 seven for supporting you and they will try to help you within minutes. So let's get started with build your own video. So now it is asking us for pick a dimension.

So this is date for Instagram and video posts, Instagram stories and Instagram TV, YouTube, I will let's use YouTube. So this is what we have. It says do your own thing. This is our timeline and there is no scene there is only one scene available. Now if you are familiar with the other two, you will be easily be able to build Your own video from here. So first of all, let's have one more scene.

So let's add this up here. You can see we have created one more scene. If you want to create one more scene, you can simply create a new one. So we have places available. And if you want to delete anything, then simply delete the scene or duplicate the scene. Okay.

So yeah, so this is the scene one. Let's try to change the text. Select this and let's change it to mine. Now, if you want to add a background image or a video, click on media, select an image, it's add. Now there are many images that you can pull. So let's start to put this profit and yeah, you can see the image has been added and we have to add our logo simply related Yes.

Now go to upload and upload the file. Now let's try to find the logo that I have already. This is the logo that I held. Now I can upload it. Alright, so now I replace it as a layer front or behind. Let's make it on the front.

Okay, so my logo is present. Let's make it smaller. Select the logo, and you can resize it can bring it on the top. Now go down. Yeah, so now if you want to change the text, size, color, and everything, you can go to text text styles and click on it. Now let's change the font and let's see The color to the text is changed.

You want to make it bold, you can make it more bold, italic. Let's change it to left and let's place it on the left. Okay, so now that's done. We let's add a sticker. Let's add an ecommerce sticker for the button same so this is added now make it be there. Okay, the 40% error.

Now let's go back. again try to find a good ticker for low. Click on this. So I copied this error let's make it honest Center. This is on the center 40% of. Now let's try to our animation.

So go to animation and drive change animation. Let's make this bones and an exit. Let's make it fade. Select the slide. Now if you want to add animation, you can add it here. Let's make it bounce out.

Okay, now let's add a transition. Let's make it white left. And let's make this one. Wipe x and click on it. Now let's start to add a video here. Now if you want to trim it, you can trim it here.

Let's keep it 10 and we are done. Let's remove this we don't need it. Yes and change the text Use coupon code. Again go to text astons Let's select this. Again let's select a social media credit and let's select Instagram let's see in the text shank Bro she's my actual Instagram handle and let's pad below okay and let's change this yard and let's change this to free course. Let's see this my file Alright, so we are done.

Let's bring it on the top and we have created a great video with text and video. Let's try to export it now. Let's export this. Also the support is present in Facebook group as well if you can join the Facebook group you will also be getting product updates and collaboration helps and you have an chat. You will be able to chat with the team There are many people who are always available for you. There is also a helpline in India, South East Asia and USA.

So you can call all them or chat with them anytime. So now if you want to, again edit the project, click on Edit project and we are again back to the project. Now if you're thinking to change the music, or add a new music, click on music and go to category dramatic or anything that you want and then click on it you'll be able to play select it and it will be changed can change the volume can increase or decrease like the way you want as well as if you want to add a blur. Then select an image and then click on blur and you will be able to as well as we have something called as filters for all the images So you can see there are many filters available if you click on it, the filter will be added. You also have said you how you can use the brand colors, template colors and the custom colors.

Also don't forget that the colors are applied to all the slides present in the project. Let's go back

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