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Hello and welcome to this course. Why video which is an engaging form of content form that gives us a real picture of what is going on. It is not hard to see why we use essential these days. It is an easy to digest format that provides our eyes arrest from the absence of actual information online. This will be the reason why the world's reportedly was 1 billion hours of YouTube social video every day. Will you and marketing go hand in hand just like banana and peanut butter sandwich.

He will see how the world is changing and people are moving towards video from television commercials to today's YouTube, Vimeo Snapchat and don't forget Facebook Live. It is no secret that has been an obsession for us. Also, remarketing provides marketers with a versatile, attractive and shareable medium to reach their audience. It is a fact that consumers engage with the brand after leaving a video on social media. More than Reading a blog. It's how a myriad of human works captures more information from the video rather than reading the content.

It highly contributes to increasing brand awareness increases sales generating leads. new marketing is everywhere. And so our smartphones take advantage of this effective ways to reach out the people as it helps people to grow knowledge more than immunity. This course will teach you the best tricks popular production promotion from scratch will teach you the insider tips to creating and promoting greater referrals which includes planning your review, how to engage viewers, and improving high conversion rates, how to do promotion, and marketing these companies receive media posts and much more to learn. Now, I will tell you the best part of this course you don't need any experience with those complicated editing programs nor the advanced video editing skills. I will make you learn how to create highly adaptive engaging videos with ease If you have not explored in video, you might be missing out excellent opportunity for more views and shares.

Within a video, you can create Facebook ads, Instagram stories, content videos, LinkedIn videos, etc. Also, you will be able to use social media to increase your followers. Let's start creating amazing videos now and I'll see you in the course.

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