Convert script to video : option 1

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21 minutes
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Welcome back, everyone. Welcome to in video, which is world's most versatile you created for quick and professional videos. Before we get started, I want to make sure that you download Google Chrome, you can download by going slash glue. Now, you can try to sign up, enter your name, email id and password. Or you can also sign up with Facebook or Google I have already signed in. So I will try to enter my email id and password.

Now we're in the workflow. So we have three different options, option one, option two, and option three. And it says every great story starts here. So let's start our story. You can always upgrade your plan by going here. And let's see what is option one.

Option one says you could convert your script To W, you can create a video from an article blog or a script. It's good for writers or bloggers which try to convert that blog into a simple video. They have the option to says you can use ready made templates to create your video, which is really good for people who create view add social videos, product videos, and much more. And the third option says you can create your video from scratch. It will start with a blank canvas and you will be able to create a video from zero and in this video, we will be trying to use option one. Now we are in the in video storytelling, and you can pick a team.

New things are always added every week. And there are three different video formats. For example for Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn square which is great for Instagram. Great for To run, Facebook and Tumblr, and vertical vertical is great for story like Instagram story or Facebook story, messenger story and WhatsApp story. If you click on square it will show you square layouts you can now pick anything. When you click on a theme, you will be able to see the video preview and you will be able to start with the template.

You can also change the layout. You can also change the video format and it will be changed. If you don't like the video, you can close it and take a different template. You can also hover over the video It will start automatically. Now we have three different options. You can enter or paste your link which is an manual option.

And you can also start with an article or you can upload your photos or videos. The first option is entering the skip right to add your headline first, this is the blog that are already added. So what you can do is try to add the title and then try to add the content. also made sure to also don't forget a content in a new c must always start from a new line. So try to add a new line after the content now you can see that You are in the storyboard, where you will be able to start by editing it, the images are automatically added. They are automatically generated by the title or written keywords.

You will also see that some of the images are completely different or some of the images are blank. It's because they are unable to find the keywords you can click on script and you will be able to navigate wherever you want to go. Just click on it and you will be able to navigate up and down. Now let's see the option to the option to says start with an articling. So what you can do is click on it and you will be able to add your article. Copy the article link and it will now try to scrape Duck scraping the article it will take a little time and it will try to add your image and the complete script the media files will be added and also the script.

So what you can do now is if you don't want to add points you can remove it. If you don't want to add lines you can click on minus and it will be deleted automatically. You can also click on the lines and it will be added the dark the dark lines are added lands and the light lines are not added. So if you click on the light lands, it will be automatically added and you can remove them always on the minus one certain you'll be able to read the script and Now we are back in the storyboard. If you will click on the script line we'll be able to navigate to that part. You can also navigate by clicking up and down arrow.

You can do can duplicate it if you want to add an extra copy of the scene or you can you can go to media and you will be able to add a video or image. You can add unlimited video or image on multiple scenes. You can add more than five images or videos on the same scene. Just go to video or image and search the keyword and try to drag and drop in the media area. Once you drag it, you will be able to trim it. Trimming means video cutting will be able to cut the video that you don't want and click on Done.

You can also add value in the media or image in the media so your eyes So you can add more than three images. So once you add the images or video you will be able to see that the length will be increased. So the more you add media, the more length it will be increased. for trimming there are two options. You can pin a video or you can add the complete video. When you click on the preview you will be able to the preview of the current scene.

The images and videos are all royalty free, which means they are always free to use can also add music to your resume. For example, you can upload music Also, if you want to add your own music, you can go to my collection and upload your own music. There are many categories provided already for you to add music and there are many music uploaded every week. So you can go to category and select the type of music that you want and click and view the music. If you like any of the music, you can select the music and that will be automatically added. You can also upload your images or files up to 800 Mb and then add them in the scene.

Now you can see the two. Now you can see the total duration is one minute, five seconds. So if you want to make it a little If you want to decrease it, you can delete a scene or delete a media in the scene, it will automatically be decreased can also edit a scene and this is advanced editor, you will be able to preview the scene you will be able to change the size of the media file. For example, if you want to change the size click on frame and you will be able to change the frame select the size however you want and click on Done. It will be changed. Now you can see the size is completely square You can also turn the video on here.

You can use full video or click on done after returning. You can also turn off the video volume and there are multiple scenes provided. So you can see if you click on More thing, you will be able to see that the text layer can He changed. So there are many different layouts provided by the team. So if you will change the scene, you will last the edits that you have done. For example, you may ask the volume changes and the Cropper frames.

So you will need to do it again. You can also enhance your scene by adding Twitter or Instagram. You can also add stickers, animations, icons and lots many things. This is an sticker. You can add it and you can change the layer position. For example, if you click on layers, you will be able to push in them.

You can bring them on The front you can change it to the back. You can also change them to backward or forward. You can also change the collage layout, you can add two images at the speed, you can add one image in the scene you can add two images in the scene you can also add three majors in the scene and click on the plus icon and it will be added. Now you can see we have added three images in the same scene. You can change the you can add image or video, the same scene can add three wheels or two videos or multiple videos in the same scene. Just drag and drop and it will be added.

Now there are three options you can replace it, add behind or add as an front layer. So let's try to replace it. Now in the video and you are done Don't forget to crop the frame to make it to make it cool can also add image and the image and drop the image. Replace the image and you can see the image has been added. You can also take the layers of the images or the medium. You can also add a new overlays like confecting.

So this is your overlay that has been added on the top. You can move it to the bottom or it's up to you and you can In the opacity as well. Okay, now we are done. Yeah, if you want to add a new text, what you can do is you will be able to add the text from your example body text option. Then you'd be able to find some good body texts to access the different types of text that you can add, which are all animated. So let's use this, click on it, it will be added here.

We'll change it on the top and then you'll be able to change the text here and if you want to change styles, you will be able to change your They're different fonts that you can pick font, you can resize it, font height you can change the alignment, change the style and also you can change the colors okay. Also there is an option to add animations and there is an option to make an animation in and exit entrance and exit. For example this text can be animated with entrance as well as accepted. So you can start the text by here you are the text will be and coming click on it and it will try to change it able to add some animations here. There are many options that you can add like zoom animation, slide nation wide animation 3d animation, there are many options So let's click on this this is for Cole character line onward okay.

So if you select word it will be using the word. So now let's try to redo it. So the preview may start very slow because this is not the final right. So it may be a little slow but you will be able to see the animations happening. The contract the the text coming in the videos are going back the images also having the animation if you can see and also they will be going. So this so you will be able to see and if you want to add your image or photo or whatever you you will be able to upload from here.

Once you upload you will be able to see everything that you have uploaded earlier so you can upload yours and then maximum file size is 800 Mb. Let's save it. So you can see this is the done. Simply you can use this one and add it like the way you want. And also you can add this as their strategy in this one, click on Preview. So this is the only text that comes here.

So let's try to add more text. So what you can do is click on it and place Yes. Now once you click on Enter, we'll be able to see that we have added one more year and no more So you can see this is the text that I've just added, which is after this. So this is 0.02. So after 0.06, you will be able to see the second text. Next failure rate.

You can see the both the text were added here. You can also change the way it's written as click on story and you'll be able to change it to like, yes. So you can see that complete layout has been changed to cure. We can also change it to question. Yes, it's not a question, saying more. You can add more optional heading as well as some more information.

Is it true Yes which is so you can now let's leave it is it true logging bla bla bla bla bla and yes it is you can see all the text that we try to add on. So, once you are done he will to click on the View and then it will generating a preview you may experience some jerks in the preview but the final render will come out fine okay, so you will need to understand that and simply hit the export value. So once it is now sent for the processing and now we process soon. So once you are done, you will be able to use it wherever you want and it's done.

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