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17 minutes
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Welcome to a video which is world's most versatile video creator we can professional videos, which only works with desktop Chrome. So this is Google Chrome you need to download it before we get started with this video. So once you're done, we need to sign in outside of the email or connect with your Facebook or Google Now we can work now I have shown you how you can convert your script to a video in the previous lecture. In this video, I will be showing you how you can create your amazing videos with versatile ready made templates. So we'll be able to create promotions, product videos, video ads, social videos and much more with ready made templates created by in video. Let's start so yeah, so that was in video storytelling.

This is script videos. Same the data different formats for will do for example horizontal, which are great for you, too. Facebook and for LinkedIn videos and square is great for Instagram, Tumblr, or Facebook post. And the vertical is great for stories like Instagram stories, Whatsapp stories or Facebook stories. Okay, so yeah, we are going to create an horizontal for the YouTube videos. Okay, then we have some quick videos like on if you click on it you'll be able to get all the videos for be able to add bumper ads, product videos, Instagram stories, promo videos, Instagram video ads into an outro for YouTube or any other good news.

You will also be able to add sports with you and testimonials. So what we are going to do is we are going to pick one template Yeah, so let's use this. Alright, let's see how it looks. You'll be able to see a video preview selected and now you'll be able to see the preview. Alright guys, so we are in the editor. If you will try to navigate to the left hand side you will be able to find enhancers, music, text uploads and ads in option.

Okay, so if we click on enhancers, you will be able to see all the enhancers that you had earlier on option one where you can actually create and view from article or you can create a listicle so you'll be able to add these enhancers on the slide. You can also add music for example, this is the current music Now if you want to change the music you can select the category that you want. For example calm bright anger dramatic. For example, I'm using calm and then you can select whatever you want for the audio there are many audios and they're updated regularly by the individual team. For example this one so if you like this, simply click on select and it will be changed. So now the default audios and you will be able to change the volume for the audio for all the slides.

I mean the full video okay, so if you want to change the volume later high or down to be able to change it. Then let's go to the updates. On the uploads you'll be able to add any video or any Made file up to 800. So just select it and then search for an image that you want to add. For example this and select open. Once you do it, you'll be able to see that your uploaded image will be appearing here, the images will be optimized for you and this is what we just added okay.

So you will be able to add here. Now on the right hand side, we have layers like bad friend, and then we have Undo and Redo options as well as delete option. Let me show you how you can use layers on the second slide if you will click on the shape or the element one. So there is an option how you can change the layers like for example, if the text is before the sheep, what you can do is if you click on the front now, the sheep Before the text, if you click on back, the shape is behind the text. So you can control from here as well as you can control from your example if you bring it on top this on top to bring it down, it is below the text. Awesome.

So you will be able to control this as well. For example, if you've selected then you have the 30. Next, what you can do is simply bring it to them I can see the 30 is no longer available. So let's again bring it up. Studies again back so this is how you'll be able to change the layers okay. So, if you want to do undo or redo you can do it here.

For example. This is an example of undo and this is entity. Now this is something new So you can change the project colors. So we have brands, templates, and custom For example, this is the template colors like yellow, blue and purple are polish on the top and this is the blue and white is the text. So if you click on the brand we have some different options of the colors. So if you click on Apply the colors will be changed on all the slides.

So now you can see the brand color is completely changed not just on the slide but on all the slides. So you can also add custom colors, so click on any color to change it. Let's try to create our colors. Let's make it white. Let's make the headings and the most important text with blue. Let's change this color or Let's click change this to a different color.

Let's make it green. Or you can also use your own custom colors that you like. For example, I like this pink color sometimes so let's use this so you can see the class has been changed. So if you want to use the same old template color, click on the template and simply click on Apply. Okay, so this is the template color which is specifically created for this template. But you can add your brand color which will be present for all your templates in for the future use.

For example, if you have a brand color, like Google red, green, blue, yellow, you can select you can see the color here and you can then apply to all the templates that you want with the same brand colors. So now if you want to change the text color, or the text, simply click on the text and then click on Edit then you will be able to change The text here and simply save it. Then we have text style, which has all the options like font color, font, bold, italic or underlined and the alignments For example, this other font color, size, height, style, alignment and the color. So, if you want to change the animations simply click on it and you will be able to see the animation here. Hold is used for all the for the full text character is for character by character line is for only a single line and this is hold for all the text at once Okay.

Then we have entrance which is a fading effects which has been added here. You can change the entrance effects like bounce bones are there many effects that you can choose Let's use rotate and this is exit where you can choose any exit effect. So we are done textbox animation, which you can add, again for animation. Okay, so if you want to play how it looks, click on preview and we'll be able to play. You can also add grids for you to easily align any items according to grades, as well as you can add voice over, you can add a voice over which is currently in beta. You can add automated voiceover you can add your voice, you can upload your voice from your computer or from uploads.

So let's see how an automated voice can be. Added now this is a free feature provided for a limited time. And this will be available only in enterprises plan. So let's see. So let's try to add a text like my name is let's select the language we house, Canadian, French, US Spanish, Mexican, and many other languages. But let's keep with us English and then we can actually generate a voice over but before let's select the person.

So this is Sally Matthew, Kimberly Kendra, Justin. let's preview the voice Hello, hope you're having a great time making a video. Hello, hope you are having a great time making your video Hello hope you are having a great time making your video Hello, I hope you're having a great time making your video. Hello, hope you're having a great time making a video. Okay, so let's select a menu. And now let's generate a voice over.

So this is our voice over. My name is Shashank. And this is a video let's add to the same two. So it's been added. Now if you click on Play, it will play. My name is Shashank and this is a video, you can actually trim the audio if you want or you can leave it and then you can add a timing.

This is the start time and is the end. You can change it here. And this is the duration and you can simply apply it and there is no voice or volume. If you want to serve you can set it and you're done with the voiceover now Going to the first slide. Now you can see there is an overlay of the video which is being played in the background. So if you want to change or replace the video with the image or another view, what you can do is go to media and you will be able to select image or video now search for a keyword and then you'll be able to see many images.

So select one and try to drag it then try to drag in the scene. Now you have three options, you can simply replace it you can add it behind, you have the layer or add it as a front layer. So let's replace it. So once you replace will be able to see that the background has been changed. So I have shown you can crop an image selected Then you'll be able to simply crop it like how you want and simply click on Done. Then you can also do some effects like you can add net effects to the image or the pool, you can also resize the image.

These are the different effects that you can use fit with blur, transparent crop from scratch to screen. Then you have some filters created by God. Like 1977. Add an arrow actually be the so many routers provider, it will click on Brooklyn, it will try to enhance your image and the filter will be applied. Then we have nice animations, how the image is going to come and go and what happens in the middle. You can add some animations here.

Like bones and exit with bones or anything else like fade or clip or them any eggs you slide right. Then if you want to change this or if you want to delete it, or do you can do it simply select the element and you can simply delete it. If you want to change the color, simply select the element and then equal to change the color here and you can change the opacity so you can see the blue color has been added here. Now, if you want to add a transition in the middle, you can change it for now because the default transition, but if you click on it, you'll be able to see that there are other many trends options available for us to change, like overlays. Animations like slide right down, zoom like let's shut it slide right. Now if you are thinking to duplicate a scene, you can duplicate it here, delete it here, or you can add a new scene here.

You can also add a new section here. There are different layouts available. This is the Lansing you will need to add by your own and these are the different scenes that are powered by this template. And once you're done, you're ready. If you wish to change the text, you can select it here and you can add your extra tags like as tones or body text titles, social media analytics these are estimates And if you simply hover over it, be able to see them animating. So you simply click on it and it will be added.

Now if everything is great and you are ready, what you can do is simply click on preview and export you're using you'll be able to see what you have creator. But you will need to understand that there that you might experience some judgment review, but the final render will come out fine. And you can export My name is Shashank and this is a video

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