Comfortable Selling: An Introductory and Transformational Sales Program

Learn how to build good communication skills to get oriented conversations with customers to increase the sales level.

Comfortable Selling: An Introductory and Transformational Sales Program

Learn how to build good communication skills to get oriented conversations with customers to increase the sales level.
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About the Class

Comfortable selling is an introductory and transformational sales program for anyone who sells a product or service, is new to sales, or is in need of a sales refresher. Sales should be a comfortable experience for an individual selling a product or service, and just as important for the customer. Comfortable selling teaches you the skills needed to have comfortable and results-oriented conversations, it helps to take the angst out of selling, making it a great experience for you and your customers.

When I first started out in sales I thought selling was based on luck. I didn't know there were skills involved in selling the right products and services to a customer. I had no sales training yet was expected to achieve a sales target. I started to avoid approaching customers. I was terrible at my job and felt the threat of losing it regularly because I wasn't making enough sales.  there were skills involved in selling the right products and services to a customer. I had no sales training yet was expected to achieve a sales target. I started to avoid approach customers. I was terrible at my job and felt the threat of losing it regularly because I wasn't making enough sales. When I eventually learned the skills needed to actually sell, selling became fun and interesting, and I no longer hid or relied on luck.

A lot of people don't consider themselves to be a salesperson as their primary role may be to give advice, fix, serve, create or develop something, when in fact an element of sales exists in all roles. We're all selling something - a product, service, concept, or giving advice. Comfortable selling is a simple 4 step approach to sales developed by learning and development experts and sales professionals.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Anyone new to sales, by teaching selling skills and knowledge of the sales process to help you feel confident and comfortable when selling
  • Those who work in an industry where selling products are secondary to the service you provide. This course teaches you the comfortable selling approach and its structure will help you to apply it easily and comfortably in your work processes
  • Anyone who has been in a sales slump for too long
  • Anyone in need of a sales refresher

Comfortable selling training includes:

  • An introduction video
  • 3 Comfortable selling training videos
  • Activity workbook
  • Questionnaire
  • Learning zone planning guide

What to expect after training?

  • An insight into why customers buy
  • Gain a better understanding of your beliefs about sales
  • Less discomfort talking to customers
  • An increase in confidence to approach/call customers
  • A sense of enjoyment when talking with customers
  • Knowledge of how to effectively help your customers
  • The ability to sell the right products and services to match customers' needs

To get the most of your training, I highly recommend watching one video and completing the relevant activities before moving on to the next video topic. This will help you to think about what you've learned and how to apply it in the work that you do. 

In the training, I use my own examples as a consumer to describe the impacts of having a poor or nonexistent sales approach. These examples are of different industries and can be relatable to just about any. As you work through the activities and watch the training, think about scenarios that are relevant to you and the types of customers you sell to. I'm a big believer in developing skills for the long term so I won't be teaching you tips and tricks as they aren't sustainable. 

Download and complete the learning zone planning guide so that you can make training a focus and have a dedicated time to put what you learn into practice. The learning zone is your opportunity to learn, apply, make mistakes, practice, re-learn new ways of working. It is a zone with minimal risk to your business and customers. Schedule at least an hour in your calendar to watch each video and do the activities. The videos are short and to the point and the activities are designed to help you develop your personal strategies and embed what you learn.

Download the comfortable selling online workbook and communications style questionnaire before you start watching the training videos. Increase your confidence, knowledge, skills, and have a plan to up-sell, achieve targets, move stock off the shelves, help staff to sell, increase revenue, and help your customers.

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Reena Baumann

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Founder of Learning Elements. Trainer. Facilitator. Coach. Sales Person. Training Designer. Reena has worked in the learning and development space for over 15 years where she developed and nurtured her skills to implement positive change and transformation through training design, strategy development, facilitation,and coaching. "When I first...

What's Included

Language: English
Level: All levels
Skills: Negotiation, Building Trust, Relationship Building, Sales, Communication Skills, Questioning Techniques, Understanding, Communication Styles
Age groups: 18-65 years
Duration: 1 hour
4 Videos
3 Documents
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