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Hey guys, welcome to the D one pitching mechanics website. However you got to this website. I'm very excited you're here. My name is Wayne Missoni, it's taken about 20 years to develop. And this is the mechanics for your maximum velocity. And as I was preparing for this video series, I really started to think how this idea of throwing hard and pitching is almost related to the world of dieting.

If you Google dieting on a website, you'll find a million products and a million philosophies and a million ideas about how to get to your ideal weight. And if you google how to throw heart as a pitcher, you'll get about as many ideas in terms of how to throw hard from, you know, magic drills or magic pills or magic, anything from weighted balls or a variety of ideas. And, like I said, this has been about 20 years that it's taken me to to create this program, this video series. A little background on me is I was a very average Division Three pitcher got by with a changeup got by with smarts but did not get by with velocity. And as I look back on things, I realized that by very well meaning coaches, I was taught completely incorrectly. And then when I got into coaching, of course, I taught what I was taught.

And I passed on information for many years, which was incorrect. So I coached a lot of pitchers to throw slower than they were capable. How did I change? How did I come up with what I'm about to teach you? mostly through video study. And that's the idea of this program.

You're going to have some lectures, you're going to have drills, and then you're also be referred to some online information, which basically analyzes high velocity pro pitchers, which backs up all the theories that I'm talking about. And it really becomes not theory it becomes fact anyone who throws a ball on the high 80s or not. Anyone who's pitched professionally does all the five things that we're about to go over. So it's not my philosophy or someone else's. This is what's backed up on video. So it's taken me a long road to get here.

It's been about eight years that I've been teaching this system. My background is I'm the pitching coach at Sacred Heart University. Over the last five years, implementing this system, we've had a tremendous success, you can look it up online of what our pitching staff has done. We've been to five consecutive conference championships to NCAA regionals had a variety of pictures drafted and record set with the IRA. And in addition, at a facility like this one, I've given a lot of lessons for pitching clinics for high school kids, even down to young kids, was fortunate enough to deal with a lot of the kids from the Westport Little League team over this past summer. They came to international fame when they had a tremendous showing in the regionals.

And then in Williamsport, and a lot of those kids have used this philosophy as well. So I think this is Something that's backed up from a variety of ages. The along with this video if you subscribe and put your email in, in this website, you'll get the first video in this series to your inbox. That is the first part of five. Ultimately, there will be five videos, a lot of online video that you will get as well Besides this, and then in addition, for anyone that subscribes to the full program, you will also get a recruiting video that I filmed. I'm also an author on the recruiting process.

I've given many speeches on how high school athletes can play college baseball, and that'll be a bonus along with this video series. So, again, I'm so excited you're here. I'm excited to get to this first video series and I think this will really change your baseball pitching career.

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